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Paramotor - General Quick review: Bailey V5 paramotor engine

The new 4-stroke from the British manufacturer is a lightweight engine compared to its ‘brothers’, which offers power enough for pilots up to 100 kg and low consumption in a unit that has a total weight of 27,5 kg. We test-flew it briefly in Las Candelas.

Bailey reduced the weight of the new V5 engine to 15.9 kg. Its 20.5 HP translate into about 60 Kg of thrust in a paramotor with propeller of 130cm. The compact unit is manageable on the ground with a weight similar to many 2-strokes. It also offers smooth and quiet operation and precise throttle control in the air, as we verified in our test flight.

*Read our impressions and see the V5 at work in our Quick review of the Bailey V5.

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Quick review: Bailey V5 paramotor engine

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