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Eventos - Events January 30 and 31: 20th Edition of Las Candelas PPG Meet

The most popular paramotor event of Spain, the first of the year and one of the most interesting in Europe, will brighten the winter to the fans of powered paragliding. For this 20th Edition there is important news: shows, contests, prizes in cash and, of course, the first trade show of the season.

As every year for the last 20, the Jose Toran reservoir and La Puebla de los Infantes (Seville, Andalusia) will host the great paramotor meeting of Las Candelas, with interesting recreational activities like photo and costumes contests with cash prizes. We will also enjoy displays by professional pilots of the brands and the FeeStyle Triguero Racing team.
Besides we will be able to see, touch, smell and even try out some of the new products that the manufacturers will launch for the 2016 season. At the trade fair we can take the chance to get new accessories or gears.
But the best is the opportunity to fly in a beautiful place and enjoy the warmth and hospitality of the people of La Puebla de los Infantes -with their large bonfires on the streets which give name to the party, and the traditional "Sopaipas" to enjoy together with a nice cup of hot chocolate by the fire on Saturday night.
After a 2-years break, Ojovolador will be back there to share with all the pilots and friends this fantastic event. See you in Las Candelas!


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January 30 and 31: 20th Edition of Las Candelas PPG Meet

Nuevos Parapentes Paraglider review: ITV Billy

The first member of the ITV range made with full reflex profiles combines speed, maneuverability and stability to seduce experienced pilots looking to enjoy their leisure and distance flights. We tested it in the air, both foot-launched and on paratrike.

The French manufacturer has extensive experience in the paramotor world, where its multipurpose semi-reflex models have conquered national, continental and world medals.
This know-how is reflected now in the Billy, a paraglider that surprises by its sportive spirit and good feeling at the brakes, with dynamic responses and precise tracks. All this, topped with a wide range of speeds and remarkable extra reflex-solidity.
All in all, it is a well-natured and accessible glider for pilots in progression and advanced.

Discover it in our review of the ITV Billy.


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Paraglider review: ITV Billy

Paramotor - General Alex Mateos wins Slalomania in Bornos

The first comp of the French paramotor precision circuit ‘Slalomania’ held over water was a big success, with high competitive and security levels in which the French multi-champion was unbeatable. After serious accidents occurred in championships, pilots and organizers demanded more safety by holding these tasks exclusively above water. The Bornos Tourist Centre in Cadiz, Spain, is a perfect place for practicing this type of flight and the CIMA has awarded it the Organization of the next Slalom European Championship 2016.

In this first Slalomania valid for the 2016 calendar, which was also Andalusia’s Slalom Championship, the competitors flew 13 tasks on circuits of increasing difficulty, with 3, 4 and 5 pylons placed on the lake. Alex Mateos, flying a paramotor Macfly Thor 250 with Ozone paraglider, had a great come back to the circuit –after the accident he suffered in a previous competition last April that kept him on the ground several weeks–, by winning every task of the Championship!

It was a competition of the highest level with some of the best pilots of the Slalom scene, mainly from France and Spain. The second place of the podium was for the reigning world champion Jeremy Perone (P2Air Thor 250, Dudek Snake XX) and the third, for Guillaume Vallance (Rider Thor 250, UTurn Pyle). The Andalusian champion is Vicente Palmero, and the best woman of the 4 who competed was Marie Lippman. More than half of the competitors flew Polini Thor 250 engines.

During the tasks there were a few incidents with consequences that were not more than broken props and short baths in the water, which for everyone was an important breakthrough to carry out radical flights at low altitude in this sport.

With the adoption of the new standard at the annual meeting of the Summit the past 6 and 7 November, slalom competitions not may be made on the ground to be valid for the FAI.
In the last annual meeting of the Paramotor Commission (CIMA) of the FAI, held on November 6 and 7, Bornos bid to host the next European Slalom championship was approved. The competition will take place in June 2016, an event that undoubtedly will consolidate the area as an international center of paramotor slalom. The changes introduced in the section 10 of the FAI sporting code (related to paramotor) will be posted soon on their website  

The next appointment for the best paramotor pilots will be the World Air Games in Dubai, on December 1 to 12.

Women ranking:
1 - Marie LIEPMANN (FRA)
2 - Aurélia HALLIE (FRA)
3 - Karen SKINNER (SPA)
4 - Emiko MOROTA (SPA)

Andalusia Championship:
1 Vicente Palmero (PAP Thor 250, Dudek Snake XX)
2 Ramón Morillas (PAP Vittorazi, Niviuk Doberman)
3 Javier Sierra (PAP Thor 250, Dudek Snake XX)

+Info & results:


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Alex Mateos wins Slalomania in Bornos

Nuevos Parapentes Gin launched reflex wing Falcon.

In St Hilaire the Korean manufacturer unveiled their new dedicated paraglider for paramotoring, aimed at intermediate to advanced pilots. With reflex airfoil, at Gin say the Falcon is fast, stable, agile and fuel-efficient. It is the second powerglider released by Gin this year, after launching their beginners model Pegasus in June.

With aspect ratio of 5.5 and 56 cells, the Falcon is equipped with a competition speed system that acts on both the accelerator and the trimmer, releasing trimmer when you push the speedbar and vice versa, in order to offer a wide speed range. It has a standard steering system which lets the wing to be tip-steered at speed, and there is also an optional 2D steering system is available.
According to Gin, the Falcon has “excellent fuel-efficiency” thanks to the state-of-the-art airfoil, and a “high degree of passive safety” both in turbulent air and at speed. It is an all-round paraglider for pilots who do fun flying, cross-country, bivouac or even competition. Available in 5 sizes.


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Gin launched reflex wing Falcon.

Paramotor - General Mac Para announced 2 new paramotor wings

The greatest event of the paragliding world, the Coupe Icare, took place last weekend and all the manufacturers were there introducing their models for the upcoming season. The Czech company had their new dedicated wings for use under power that will be released to the market soon: the Blaze GT reflex glider and the Paradox for slalom races.

According to Mac Para, the new Blaze GT (left picture)  introduces new reflex airfoils and new power risers to offer a wider speed range.

The replacement of the Blaze also boasts a “sporty tuned handling”, and new color designs. It will be available from November 2015 in 5 sizes.





The Paradox (right) is a new high performance glider designed for demanding paramotor pilots, and specially tuned for slalom races and other paramotoring competition tasks.

It will be available by the beginning of 2016 in 4 sizes.


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Mac Para announced 2 new paramotor wings

Paramotor - General Photo album: Mac Para Charger

We just did the first flights on this new reflex glider aimed at a large group of paramotor pilots, almost from the beginning! The Charger is solid and fast, as well as very safe. It handles well on the ground and with paratrike goes brilliantly. We will soon tell you our detailed impressions on a full review, here at


Mac Para Charger

Posted by on Sábado, 8 de agosto de 2015

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Photo album: Mac Para Charger

Paramotor - General The European Paramotor scene gathered in France

Taking over the place left by the big biennial meeting of Basse-Ham, which ceased to be held in 2012 after seven successful editions, the town of Blois in the Loire Valley hosted its first "Mondial Air Paramoteur" last weekend. Several manufacturers and pilots from all over the continent were seen in the skies and grounds of the Blois aerodrome.

Between the 19 and 21 of June, the aerodrome of Breuil, about 170 km to the southwest of Paris, was "taken" by over 450 paramotor pilots from different countries, including a number of members of national selections on their way to the 2nd Slalom World Championship that will start in Poland on Saturday 27. [In the picture: the French team. Photo: Karen Skinner]

Hence, there was no shortage of spectacle in the sky, from radical powered acro with helicopters and infinity tumblings by Spain’s Manu Malaguita, displays by the pilots of the only female paramotor team –formed by world champion Coralie Mateos (FR), Karen Skinner (ES), Marie Liepmann (FR) and Lydia Jaecques (BE) [in the picture, posing for a photographer] - to European and world champions of recent years, many of them also members of different factory teams, like Pap, Niviuk, ITV, Dudek, etc. Karen told us that it was "a real pleasure to fly with other women" at the MAP, and added that there are many paramotorist women in France "and not only in competitions!”

It was also an opportunity to present new products in the stands that the most important manufacturers of the world had in a great outdoor trade fair dedicated to powered paragliding.

Impresión digital en parapente Paramania. Foto: Moncho RodríguezOne of the most interesting, perhaps, was the paraglider with digital printing introduced by paraglider manufacturer Paramania [in the picture, captured by Víctor Rodríguez], a technique that allows to print any color photo on the sail, opening amazing possibilities for customization. They have not yet disclosed further details of this technique, developed by Mike Campbell-Jones, but they hope to put it on the market soon along with other new products.

Niviuk displayed several demo gliders of their range suitable for motorized flight, and the one that drew most attention was the Skin, a single surface wing which proved its qualities in the hands of their team pilots: Karen Skinner, Nico Aubert or Ramon Morillas. Nico and Ramon will fly the dedicated wing for slalom, Doberman, in the Worlds of Poland.

Foto: Karen SkinnerGin Gliders chose this event to officially introduce their new glider for paramotor, the Pegasus, designed in collaboration with French pilot Laurent Salinas and the German manufacturer of engines and trikes, Fresh Breeze. The Pegasus is a safe wing to start in the sport of paramotor and it is the first member of a new paramotor range that the Korean brand will launch this year.

Other new gears seen were the recently launched Thor 80 engine from Polini (which we told you about here), the Dudek Snake XX glider – replacement of the most successful paramotor slalom wing-, and several lesser-known manufacturers, like Simplify, specialized in lightweight paramotors (their lightest unit weighs just 17.5 kg), or Peszke Propellers, Polish manufacturer of propellers.
According to visiting pilots, the Organization was good, there were many people participating in the event and good flights were had, with set raids every morning and a great ambiance of paramotor and paratrike pilots, both men and women of all ages. That, even though the wind did not allow to perform some shows in the evenings. For many pilots, it was also a chance to train a little before the Slalom World Championship that started in Legnica on Saturday.

*Thamks to Karen Skinner, Jason Whitehead and Moncho Rodríguez for the pictures.
**See a photo album by Manel Escude here.


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The European Paramotor scene gathered in France

Paramotor - General Polini launches Thor 80 engine for paramotor

The smallest propeller of the Italian manufacturer’s paramotor range weighs 11.1 kg and has a displacement of 86cc for 17.2HP at 10450rpm. The Thor 80 comes with liquid cooling system -like its big brother 250-, a dry-centrifugal clutch, silent-blocks made of Ergal, and a compact exhaust system.

The most outstanding feature of the Thor 80 is probably the radiator of small dimensions that grants “the maximum temperature uniformity during the flight”, according to Polini. The manufacturer remarks the “extraordinary” weight-power ratio of the Thor 80 and its good performance, trust and “upwards mobility”.
The cylinder liner has a Nikel-silicon treatment, for high resistance to wear and abrasion. The piston is gravity die-cast in light alloy at high silicon content with 2 chromed rings of 1mm.  54mm bore and 44 mm stroke with 14:1 compression ratio.
The fuel system has a Polini CP d.21 carburetor with manual bulb to fill in the fuel circuit, integrated on the engine support.  The fuel system is provided with a fuel reservoir tank, which allows to empty the fuel from the bowl in order to avoid leakage during the carriage. Polini offers the Walbro WG8 carburetor as an alternative.
The centrifugal clutch has a 3.58 gear reduction with helical teeth in oil bath. The exhaust system has been designed to occupy as less volume as possible and keep the sound emission lower thanks to the round light-alloy silencer. The silent-blocks have been produced in Ergal, an ultra-light alloy, to reduce the weight even more, according to the company. The Thor 80 is delivered with a thermocouple sensor to detect the temperature.


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Polini launches Thor 80 engine for paramotor

The Spanish manufacturer presents a new trike for paramotor developed especially for large pilots, so that they can easily get in and out of it. The Rumbo 250 is equipped with a Polini Thor 250 engine.

The first full-reflex paraglider for motorized flight from the Brazilian manufacturer offers high-performance, stability in flight, wide range of speeds and ease of use, aiming at a large field of pilots, from beginners to experienced ones.

The Spanish manufacturer incorporated an Airbag back protection, like the ones used in paragliding harnesses, on the paramotors that will be used in the next Slalom World Championships in Poland by the pilots of their team, to offer maximum safety. At the moment it is available as an option in the range.

The Slalomania event held last weekend (May 15-17) in Dovera, Italy, had 8 valid tasks that allowed the French pilot and current European Slalom champion to step on the top of the podium, with Nico Aubert (FR) second and  Laszlo Barna (ROM) 3rd.

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