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Paramotor - General New rotary engine by Parajet

The Parajet Rotron rotary engine was developed from the engine that powered the Everest Expedition in 2007, and offers advantages like very low vibrations, high reliability or improved fuel efficiency. It is now in pre-production.

The British manufacturer will launch two versions of the Rotron, 294cc and 160cc. “With fewer moving parts than a standard piston driven internal combustion engine and power delivery as smooth and progressive as an electric motor, the Rotron power unit is set to become industry standard”, they claim.
According to Parajet, the Rotron has “zero vibration”, extremely high power to weight ratio, compact size, improved fuel efficiency over standard two-stroke aircraft engine (up to 20%), and high mechanical reliability as “rotary engines do not seize and mechanical failure is extremely rare due to rotary motion as opposed to a pistons reciprocating motion”.
The Rotron will power the new Parajet range of paramotors called the Cyclone, and it is also available as engine only for other manufacturers. The first units will be dispatched in August.


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New rotary engine by Parajet

Stu comment: (01/07/2009) Interesting. Hope to see one running soon...
gerry donnelly comment: (04/09/2014) love this simple and smoth running.i want one.
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