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6th Paramotor Worlds 2009 confirmed!

There will be Paramotor World Championship this year. The Microlight Commission of the FAI has finally approved the Czech bid for the Worlds, which will be held in Nové Mesto nad Metují, about 150 km to the east of Prague (Czech Republic), from the 27 of July to the 9 of August.

Organized by the Letecká Amaterská Asociace, the Championship Director will be Antonín Kulíšek (CZE) and the Competition Director, Richard Meredith-Hardy (GBR).

For the first time in a FAI Championships there will be a Female class and a Female Paramotor World Champion, if there are enough women competing in the foot launched modality. The classes that may dispute the Worlds are: Foot launched paramotor men (PF1m) + Foot launched paramotor women (PF1f), Foot launched paramotor tandem (PF2), Paratrike solo (PL1) and Paratrike tandem (PL2). According to the rules, “each class is a championship in its own right and as far as possible interference of one class by another shall be avoided”.

Also new is a special trophy that will be awarded to the best performing Electrically powered paramotor, and “various other trophies”. As usual, there will be FAI medals for pilots placed first, second and third in each class (including PF1f if in compliance with S10 4.3.2) and National teams placed first, second and third; and FAI Diplomas for those placed first to tenth.

The schedule of the Championships is:
Training, aircraft inspection, registration: 27 - 29 July 2009
Opening Ceremony: Thursday 30 July
First Competition briefing: Thursday 30 July
Contest Flying Days: Friday 31 July - Saturday 8 August
Closing Ceremony, Prize-giving: Sunday 9 August

The official site is under construction: http://www.wpc2009.cz

More info on the invitation doc & Local rules

Posted: February 27, 2009

Video: Ground-handling tips with Raul Rodriguez.

If you want to fly safer the best thing is to practice and improve the control of your glider in any situation, as the best acro pilots do. We have been with the aerobatics world champion Raul Rodriguez in Las Candelas (the paramotor meeting, in Spain), who introduced his new speedriding wing to us, and explained his favorite technique for reverse inflation and a couple of crucial exercises to practice in the wind: how to control the stabilized stall and how to make the wingtip touch the ground and stay there. Watch the tips in this video.

Posted: February 24, 2009

Ramon Morillas aiming high: +8000 m

The adventurous Spanish pilot and current paramotor world champion is ready to face a new high flight challenge: to beat his own record of height on the Himalayas in Pakistan, where he hopes to fly up to +8000 meters, in September. At the moment, Ramon trains for this and another demanding sport challenge for this season: the X-Alps, the world’s toughest paragliding race.
Ramon tells us some details:

“After the flights I did last year to over 6,000 and nearly 7,000 meters, we decided to try and fly over an eight-thousand peak in paramotor. The final project is to travel to Pakistan with a television crew and film a documentary about flying with paraglider and paramotor. The expedition is at an advanced stage and the team -pilots, mountaineers-, the logistics and several aspects are quite clear, but we depend on the results given by that new engine VR200 mounted on a PAP chassis. Next month I hope to be able to climb above the 7000m ceiling at Sierra Nevada. In these flights I have to perform different tests, both to the paramotor and physical: I will check if the new carburettor makes the right mixture for the height; we will see what propellers go better, and see how the low temperatures affect the instruments and video and photo cameras. Together with the sport Centre of High performance of Sierra Nevada and the ski resort, we will measure the oxygen level in blood at more than 6000m and I will continue with the necessary training and acclimatization. Also, I will thoroughly test the Sigma 7 with which I usually fly with the paramotor. The engine will be mounted on a series PAP frame with a double fuel tank, and the harness will be equipped with a neoprene fairing similar to those used in free flight to help keep me warm”.

Other interesting feature of Ramon’s gear is the new carburettor that adjusts automatically to the atmospheric pressure. We will see if everything contributes to a new ground breaking feat for the Spanish record-man.

Posted: February 11, 2009

Flypa 2009 with the pilots: No more queues to fly!

From the 29 of April to the 3 of May will take place the fourth edition of the Paragliding Festival of Los Realejos, Flypa 09. The most exhibitionist and mediatic flying festival of the world, held in the north of the Canary island of Tenerife (Spain), wants to be closer to the pilots this year so that they and their companions enjoy every minute of the event. The “crisis" though will be present in a budget reduction that will force to cut “superfluous” expenses (no big band in concert this year, for example).

The efforts from the organization to satisfy the visiting pilot’s wish to fly will translate in two takeoff areas available and at least one of them open at all times during Flypa 09, and an alternative landing zone to use when there are shows displaying on El Socorro Beach. This way the pilots will not have to wait to launch during the acrobatic exhibitions (especially when the conditions are good).
The spectacular side of the Flypa will be put this year by a number of high level teams of Acro, Paramotor, syncro, base jump, etc. The organization will confirm the final program in the next days. On the other hand, after the heat we suffered last year, the organization decided to install marquees for the participants on El Socorro beach that will help to make more comfortable the moments of relax after landing.
The Flypa will start on the night of April 29th with registration and welcome cocktail, and during the following days there will be a Fair at the beach, a photo contest, tandem flights for the public, activities for non-flyer companions, flying off the Teide National Park, and a dinner at a viewpoint restaurant on the Day of the Cross, a local festivity when there’s a huge display of fireworks above Los Realejos.
As every year there will be special reduced prices at the best hotels in the area for the participants thanks to Flypa 09.

Don’t miss it!

+Info: http://flypa.es/es/

Posted: February 11, 2009

Video: Ramon Morillas, Fly & Sing

Posted: February 11, 2009

Video: Las Candelas 2009

The “monkey of the crisis” glided over the 13th edition of the paramotor meeting Las Candelas (Spain), nevertheless and in spite of the bad weather forecast, it was possible to fly during the morning and in the evening of Saturday 31 of January - practically the only day of the event. The fair was active and there we could see some interesting new products released to the flying market for this 2009. We invite to you to see what Ojovolador.com saw this year at Las Candelas in this video.

Posted: February 9th, 2009

Video: Introducing the new Gin Airflex

During the PPG meeting of Las Candelas we had the opportunity to try briefly the new paraglider for use under power from Gin, the Airflex. Developed together with Mike Campbell-Jones, designer of Paramania, it incorporates reflex technology and a ‘free-flight’ feeling for an accessible intermediate model. Ours first impressions are good: very easy inflation, nice handling and turns, sensation of stability. Watch our video of the Airflex.

Posted February 4, 2009

Piedrahita bids for the World Paragliding Championships 2011

Steve Ham, one of the major promoters of the Spanish site of Piedrahita as an international cross-country destination, will bid for the Worlds of 2011 in the next CIVL plenary meeting in Austria on the 21st of February. There are two other bidders for the next Worlds, Italy and Turkey, but Steve hopes to have the vote “of many of the Nations who have chosen to run their own nationals here in the past, and of the many hundreds of pilots who have enjoyed the epic conditions and tasks in the Piedrahita evens run since 1993”. Piedrahita hosted the European Championships in 1998; and a total of 33 international events have taken place there in the last 15 years.
“I think the time is now right, with the resolution of many of the takeoff and landing problems and the improvement of the helicopter service to try for the biggest event in Paragliding competitions”, says Steve.

Piedrahita, located in central Spain on the north face of the Gredos mountain range and overlooking a wide and dry valley, is the starting point of dozens of +100 km and even some +200 km flights every summer, which has made it well-known as one of the most consistent places in the world for flatland XC flying.

+Info: http://www.flypiedrahita.com/blog/index.php

Posted January 29, 2009

Axispara Mercury 09
On time for the Worlds of Mexico, the new ‘flagship’ of Axispara is a new concept that offers better performance and safety characteristics than its predecessor, the Mercury 08. According to the manufacturer, it “excels in weaker condition climbing performance” and it is very stable throughout the speed range. It is available in 5 sizes.

Axispara will soon release the new entry level Pluto 2 and two tandem gliders as well.

+Info: www.axispara.cz

Gin Boomerang 6
Also ready for Mexico, the 6th generation of Gin’s racing model is a completely new glider that keeps the Boomerangs "easy" and comfortable to fly behavior “combined with amazing handling”, according to the manufacturer. The Boomerang 6 has an aspect ratio of 7.4, 79 cells, and it is available in 6 sizes. The new Boomerang comes with a new ergonomic backpack.

Gin is also working on the new 1-2 glider Sprint, to be released soon, and a 2-3 model.

+Info: www.gingliders.com

Gin’s first dedicated wing for paramotor featuring reflex profile is the result of a collaboration between designer Mike-Campbell Jones –considered the ‘father’ of reflex technology- and Gin. The Airflex is a glider “very easy and precise to fly and take off, for an impressive performance in the intermediate category” according to the manufacturer. The first 2 sizes (26 & 28) are completing the EN flight test procedure, but we will see the first gliders in Las Candelas meeting in Spain soon.

+Info: www.gingliders.com

Ozone Magnum 2009, 38m size

A smaller version of their tandem glider Magnum is Ozone’s answer to lighter pro pilots, “or anyone who wants an excellent performing tandem wing that packs smaller and is lighter than most others”. The 38m2 Magnum comes with a refreshed top surface design and colors for 2009.

+Info: www.flyozone.com

Ozone Viper 2
The second generation of their dedicated paramotor wing with reflex profile offers even better glide and top speed, according to Ozone, and it is certified EN-C. The Viper 2 introduces a wingtip-steering system for a safer and more efficient turn when flying in accelerated modes. It offers easy takeoff behavior and it is “considerably more comfortable than the original Viper with increased passive safety” making it an accessible PPG wing. Available in 3 sizes.

+Info: www.flyozone.com

Skywalk ARRIBA
This mountain glider (4,9 kg for the M size) is derived from the TEQUILA2 (LTF 1-2), and equipped with the same aluminum cloth of the POISON2, aerofabríx[AL]29. It offers ease of use and light takeoff “combined with surprising performance”, according to Skywalk. The Arriba has hybrid line system and a rigid foil system from Gin on the leading edge. Available in 4 sizes.

+Info: www.skywalk.info

Skywalk Venom
The first “advanced class motorglider” from Skywalk is not reflex but features a “half symmetrical profile” for higher performance, easy take off and direct handling, according to the manufacturer. The Venom uses Jet Flap Technology for an “extremely big speed window”. Speed is quoted at about 55km/h fully accelerated, with very low fuel consumption and good glide ratio. Available in one size, weight range 75-130 kg.

+Info: www.skywalk.info

Posted: January 23, 2009

From London to Timbuctu by flying car

The first bio-fuelled flying car is actually a mix between a paratrike and a dune buggy built by the British paramotor manufacturer Parajet, and equipped with a Paramania glider to take to the skies. Defined as “the first two seater, high performance, road legal, bio-fuelled flying car; capable of providing rally car performance on and off road, and light aircraft performance after just a few minutes of wing preparation”, the Skycar departed yesterday January 15th from London on an expedition to the fabled desert city of Timbuktu in Mali. The objective is to demonstrate that it is a practical flying car with off-road ability on the ground, which will be soon available to anybody willing to pay its price

The Parajet Skycar expedition team will travel through England, France, Spain, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania and Mali, returning home via Senegal. Much of the journey will be made by road, but the Skycar will try to fly over the Alps, the Straits of Gibraltar and the Sahara desert. It will be accompanied by a team of overland adventurers using an assortment of all-terrain vehicles including, 4x4's, off-road motorbikes, a Parajet Paramotor, and a specialist 8x8 truck to carry supplies, bio-fuel and water. The expedition also wants to help raise money for the charity Alive and Kicking.

About the Skycar:
According to the manufacturer, the Skycar can take-off after just three minutes of wing preparation from a field or airstrip in less than 200 metres. It is said to be “easier and safer to fly than any other aircraft, as it has no pitch control and therefore impossible to stall or dive”. It is equipped with a ballistic reserve parachute.

Weight: 1,000lb (480kg)
Engine: Four cylinders, 1,000cc
Independent 4 wheel suspension
Rear wheel drive
Acceleration: from 0-100 kmph in 4.5 seconds
Flight range: 185 miles (300km)
Ground range: 400 km.
Cruising altitude: 2,000-3,000ft (600m-900m)
Maximum altitude: 15,000 ft (5000m)
Take-off speed: 60 kmph
Top speed: 70mph (110km/h) airborne; 110mph (180km/h) road
Wing: Paramania, with reflex technology
Cost (approx.): 56,400€ (£50,000 / U$74,600

+ info: http://www.skycarexpedition.com/ Posted: January 17, 2009

New Paragliders 2009

Swing Arcus 6
The new Arcus keeps the spirit of Swing’s most popular model by combining the safety of an LTF 1 paraglider in unaccelerated flight with the performance of an LTF 1-2 paraglider accelerated, according to the manufacturer. The Arcus 6 introduces a new profile and round air entrances, with higher aspect ratio and a more swept-back plan form. It also offers better glide, higher trim speed, greater canopy stability and more direct handling, say at Swing. It is available in 5 sizes.

+Info: www.swing.de

Advance Epsilon 6
The 6th generation of this easy-intermediate glider will hit the market in February and it is already certified EN B/LTF 1-2 in 2 of its 4 sizes. At Advance say that this is a coordinated and predictable glider that offers high passive safety even for beginners and smooth handling with low brake pressure. The new Epsilon comes with big ears system with Quick Snap, and a two stage speed system with Speed-Performance-Indicator (SPI).

+Info: www.advance.ch

Ozone Mantra R09
The new competition and research glider from Ozone introduces a more advanced profile that is “extremely stable” when accelerated, and super low drag line plans to gain higher top speed and performance. The R09 is a constantly evolving wing that top pilots will be flying during the season. The technology tested in the R09 may be used in Ozone’s serial class gliders in the future.

+Info: www.flyozone.com

U-Turn Bodyguard II
The second generation of this entry level glider keeps a high safety level, with improved performance and agility. The Bodyguard II introduces a new offset-ratio of the profiles in the outer area and optimized trimming for more flight agility, according to U-Turn. It is equipped with the brand’s AFS-system for high passive safety, and constructed with lighter NCV sail and Liros lines that result in a noticeable weight reduction. Available in 4 sizes.

+Info: http://u-turn.de/

Airwave Cobra
The new intermediate glider from Airwave is certified EN C/LTF 2 and offers “exceptionally high performance for its class”. The Cobra has a new hybrid line configuration with three lines for most of the span, except for short D lines in the centre of the wing for greater stability. It also has a new airfoil design and higher aspect ratio of 5.95. At Airwave say the Cobra has improved a whole point in glide ratio (9) to fly “further than ever before”. It is available in 3 sizes.

+Info: www.airwave-gliders.com

Apco Karma Sport
APCO's new beginner / intermediate wing (EN-B) is introduced as a “lightweight, pilot friendly, easy launching, safe, fun wing”. The Karma SP is equipped with new FLEXON battens on the leading edge for wider speed range, improved performance and extended longevity of the wing, which is made with a new lightweight cloth. There’s also a paramotor version with purpose built risers with trimmers.

+Info: http://www.apcoaviation.com/

Posted: January 14, 2009

Yassen Savov wins Monarca Paragliding Open

Six consistent tasks of 6 possible proved again the potential of the famous Mexican Valle de Bravo, where the Paragliding World Championships will take place from the 24th to the 6th of February. Yassen Savov (Mac Para Magus 6) from Bulgaria was the winner ahead of Stefan Wyss (CH, Niviuk Peak XP) in a tight final score with Brad Gunnuscio (USA, Niviuk Icepeak 3), who ended 3rd for only 2 points. 114 pilots participated in the competition, many of whom took it as a final training for the Worlds, and the general feeling was that it was a very well run event.

“The people who organize and volunteer to help with this event are the reason it is so special, and why we can’t help but come back year after year. There is such a positive vibe from the people in Valle, and everyone involved in the event that you find yourself feeling good and smiling most of the time. Unless you sink out and don’t make goal of course!”, said Rob Sporrer from Eagle Paragliding who covered the event on their website and will be covering the Worlds as well.

1 Yassen Savov (BGR) Mac Magus 6
2 Stefan Wyss (CHE) Niviuk Icepeak Xp
3 Brad Gunnuscio (USA) Niviuk Ice Peak 3
4 Jamie Messenger (GBR) Ozone Mantra R
5 Ronny Helgesen (NOR) Gin Boomerang 5
6 Alberto Martinez-Brun (MEX) Niviuk Icepeak Xp
7 Jack Brown (USA) Gin Boomerang 5
8 Szilard Forgo (HUN) Gradient Avax Xc 2
9 Eric Reed (USA) Niviuk Icepeak 3
10 Gunnar Saebu (NOR) Gin Boomerang Sport
11 Olympio Faissol (BRA) UP Edge
12 Larry Pino (ESP) Axispara Mercury 2008

Photos: Eagleparagliding.com

+Info and results:
http://www.monarcaparaglidingopen.com/ y http://www.eagleparagliding.com/?q=node/201

Posted: January 12, 2009

Video: La Palma Open y Pre PWC 2008

The last competition of the Spanish Paragliding League 2008 and Pre-World Cup of the island of La Palma - held in December in the Canary Islands and won by Lee Paul Garcia- produced inspiring images of flight that Diogo Cardoso shot with his camera, both from the ground and from the air in a tandem glider. Now that the thermals and the sun are rarely seen in the north hemisphere we can remember those flights, enjoy the views, and dream of spring weather or warm sites for flying, like La Palma…

Posted: January 12, 2009

XIII Paramotor Meeting of Las Candelas 2009 (Spain).

On the 31 of January and 1 of February will take place the 13th edition of Las Candelas, an annual meeting of paramotor lovers in the heat of the European winter and in an attractive zone of Andalusia. Every year dozens of pilots fly there by day and enjoy the local festivity of Las Candelas by night, with huge bonfires burning on the streets of the village La Puebla de Los Infantes.
This year, the organization wants to encourage the participation in the disguises and photo contests and also in the Open paramotor competition “with better prizes”. As in previous years, Las Candelas will welcome the visitors at the flying Fair (“Feria del Vuelo"), where the Spanish manufacturers and dealers show their new products for the season.
The weather usually allows plenty of flying at this event, which is probably the most popular of the Spanish paramotor calendar and a good opportunity to see (and buy) the latest additions to the paramotor market.

+Info: http://www.lascandelasparamotores.com/

Posted: December 26, 2008

New Raul Rodriguez Acro Wings

The Radix is the first glider developed under the RR brand of acro paragliders, led by the multiple world champion and acro ace Raul Rodriguez. It is a glider intended for acro competition but still easy to use and with the best possible performance in all the manoeuvres, according to the design team. At the moment, the Radix is receiving the final touches for performing “perfect” infinite tumblings, and then it will be ready to go to the hands of top acro pilots around the world. This model will also be used by the future RR acro team pilots next year, one of whom will be Alejandro, the youngest of the Rodriguez brothers.
Raul Rodriguez started his own brand a few months ago following an agreement with Nova who will take care of the production and distribution of the "RR Acro Wings", and the development together with Raul.
“All the RR wings will have a style of its own oriented to acrobatic flying, with agile handling, easy to understand reactions, maximum comfort and security and still good qualities for any type of flying, be it dynamic or thermal”, says Raul.
After the Radix, the RR crew plans to release an Acro Intermediate model for very experienced pilots “who want to seriously pursue acro flying”; and a beginner’s acro wing (certification aimed at EN B or C) tuned to offer uncomplicated entry and behaviour in the most popular manoeuvres coming from sats, while keeping good performance for normal flying and high safety levels.
Also in the plans of RR Acro Wings for the future is the design of a speed-flying glider, and a number of accessories for the most radical side of paragliding, like D-bags or special brake handles.

You can see a video of the Radix on the still under construction site: http://rracrowings.com
And +info on www.nova-wings.com

Posted: December 4, 2008

Foto: Fabien Vergnenaigre

“With the creation of my own brand I have the opportunity to develop a glider for each of my favourite flying styles. Acro has taught me that there is still a lot to discover”, says Raul about this new venture.

[Edit: CANCELLED!] Lebanon will host the PPGWorlds 2009

The organization of the Championship must fulfil the requirements of the FAI and offer guarantees of security for the competitors, and two FAI observers will be checking these to give final approval to the Worlds 2009 in Lebanon.

+Info: http://www.fai.org/microlight/

Posted: December 4, 2008

[EDIT.: Due to the still uncertain conditions of security in Lebanon and attending the European governments’ recommendations, the FAI decided to cancel the Worlds. There is still no notice of a new venue for the PPG Worlds.]

There was little interest to organize the next World Championship and this explains the approval of the Lebanese bid by 10 votes to 8 in the recent meeting of the CIMA (Microlights Commission of the FAI). The place will be Riyak, some 50 km from Beirut.

The decision has not lacked controversy due to the uncertain conditions of security in Lebanon, but on one hand it was the only candidate for the Paramotor Worlds and on the other the bid was strongly supported by France, as it would be on the same dates as the sport Games of the Francophone that will be celebrated in Lebanon.

The competition will be realised together with the ULMs classic classes’ world championships at the airport of Riyak, located in the valley of Beqaa, to the east of the country.

Regarding the security, the Government of the United Kingdom -through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website - advise “against all but essential travel to Lebanon”, and explains that there is a high threat from terrorism in Lebanon. “Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places frequented by expatriates and foreign travellers”. (Read the full Lebanon Travel Advice here)


Video: Testing the Ozone Roadster (PPG)

This dedicated wing for paramotor, featuring reflex technology, is aimed at intermediate pilots and offers solidity in flight, good speed for cross country and ease of use. We have tested it in foot-launched paramotor and paratrike, enjoying its qualities in both modalities. We will soon tell you more about it in a complete review. Meanwhile, have a look at our video with the Roadster in action and our first impressions.

Posted: November 26, 2008

Paraglider certification LTF will follow European Norm (EN)

The well known categories LTF 1, 1-2, 2, 2-3 and 3 for certified paragliders will disappear on the first day of 2009, following the agreement about a unique standard based on the current EN testing procedures and classes (A to D), informed the Paragliders Manufacturers Association:

“On Tuesday 18th of November the 4th Meeting of ‘The Round Table’ took place at lake Starnberger See in Germany. The participants agreed about the future standards for paraglider test flights and paraglider load tests.

The ‘Round Table’ is an institution put in charge by the German Civil Aviation Authority, Luftfahrt Bundesamt, to negotiate about the airworthiness standards which should be applied in Germany (LTF). The Round Table members anonymously decided to ask the Luftfahrtbundesamt to change the LTF as follows: The European standards for paraglider flight tests EN-926/2 and paraglider load tests EN-926/1 will be the basis for testing also for the German LTF (airworthiness standards).

All members of the Round Table, DHV (German Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association), DMSV (German paramotor association), EAPR (European Academy of Parachute Rigging) and PMA (Paraglider Manufacturers Association) agreed on the above statement.

The EN standards will be commented to prevent misunderstanding and to specify certain points in the EN better, which have not yet been 100% clear defined.

The 1 to 3 classification system which has been used in the LTF so up until now, will be replaced by the EN structure A to D in the near future.

A big thank you to all parties and persons who made it possible to bring forward a worldwide standard in paraglider certification.

All these changes will be put into force by January 1st 2009”.

+Info: www.p-m-a.info Posted: November 21, 2008

Eagle flies with paragliders after 12 years in a cage

On October 10th, falconer Jacques-Olivier Travers and Sherkan, a fish eagle with a wingspan of over 2 metres, took off from the Mont Blanc (4810 m) for a 45-minute flight to Chamonix, where they landed together. What is exceptional about this flight is that the eagle is 13 years old and learned to fly after being locked up in a cage for 12 years, thanks to a new flying method involving paragliding.
“One and a half year of work and over 200 flights were necessary to reach this complicity between man and animal, and be able to overcome all difficulties of this extraordinary flight” explain at ‘Les Aigles du Leman’, organizers of the project. Sherkan flew from the roof of Europe for his first long flight after learning to fly only 18 months before. On a tandem paraglider, the falconer was attentive to Sherkan’s movements and even invited him to land on his arm and rest, when he realized that the bird was suffering the effects of altitude and was more tired than usual. When Sherkan recovered breath, he took to the air again over the Alpine massif and flew down to the landing zone playing around the paraglider.
The initiative, called “wings of freedom”, aims to raise public concern about the disappearance of fish eagles and their natural habitat: water, which directly depends from glaciers melting.
You can see a beautiful video of the flight and +info on: lesaiglesduleman.fr

Posted: November 11, 2008

Airwave Paramotor

Airwave MUSTANG 2 F/P
Freeflight and Paramotor

The new LTF 2 model from Airwave has been designed to offer the best flying qualities both for free flight and paramotor in one glider.
At Airwave say that the Mustang 2 F/P “combines easy take off with good climb, speed and handling. It is built so strongly that it did not break even at amazing 12.5 g!” According to the manufacturer, it has high performance and dynamic handling with class 2 safety “and the best build quality”.

Sport 4 for Paramotor
George Macak, a professional test pilot for Paramotor wings, test flew the Sport 4 with Paramotor. This is his report: “Launch is smooth and steady; the climb rate is very good with nice Handing. The glide and sinkrate hands up with throttle down is exceptional good. A great glider when you want to combine Paramotor with thermal flying – and great fun“

+Info: www.airwave-gliders.com

Posted: November 5th, 2008

Team 5 gliders: Blue Two & Green

These are the latest gliders launched by this young Austrian company, led by veteran designer Dani Loritz:

Blue Two.
Based on their LTF 1-2 model Blue, this tandem glider features a zip to change the area of the canopy from 38,6 m² to 42,5m², making for a wide weight range of 110 to 230kg. The Blue Two can also be flown solo. It comes with trimmers that work on B, C and D-level for efficient speed and glide ratio.


This entry level glider is introduced as “the first DHV 1 with glide ratio more than 8”. According to Team 5, it offers easy start and landing, “extraordinary” balance between performance and safety, and easy and direct handling.

+Info: www.team5.at

Posted: November 4th, 2008

Video: Blind freehand helicopter

Who would not want to take a ride in Ruben’s carousel? Watching this video, one feels that a helicopter is an oh-so-easy manoeuvre. Maybe the Ozone Octane FLX is so uncomplicated to fly that you can do this type of Acro manoeuvres without messing your hair up? Or Ruben’s skills are so good that he can keep this difficult trick just by imperceptible inputs of his buttocks? In any case, Ruben has our respect as pilot, which makes us almost forgive the fact that he is not wearing a helmet… One of the funniest videos we’ve watched this year.
You will find more on www.justacro.com

Posted: October 23, 2008

SAFETY NOTICE: Gin Boomerang 5

Gin Gliders have issued the following safety note regarding their competition glider:
“We would like to remind all Boomerang pilots: Gin gliders strongly recommend that all lines should be checked for both strength and length after each 100 hours. All main lines must be renewed every 100 hours and upper lines must be renewed every 200 hours, even if they still appear ok after the checking.
We further strongly recommend checking the breaking strenght for the Kevlar/Aramid unsleeved lines and the line lenght for the Dyneema unsleeved lines.
Dyneema lines can shrink.
And so to avoid any problems, and also to convince and support the pilots to change the lines, Gin Gliders will supply all Boomerang pilots who have dyneema lines on their Boomerang, a new upgraded line set (2008 version inc. new 2008 version risers) at 50% discount of the normal price.

Please contact your dealer or distributor. GIN staff.”

+Info: www.gingliders.com

Posted: October 20, 2008

New speed record on tandem paratrike

Thomas Keller and Markus Müller set a new world record of “Speed over a 15 / 25 km course” with 76.53 km/h on a tandem trike Fresh Breeze Xcitor with an XWing glider. The pair flew on September 18th in Bissendorf (Germany).
Thomas Keller is a keen competition pilot and, together with Markus Müller, holder of two other current FAI world records on tandem paratrike: Speed over a closed circuit of 100 km without landing: 75.23 km/h, and Speed over a closed circuit of 50 km without landing: 69.84 km/h.

The new record is pending ratification from the FAI.

+Info: http://records.fai.org

Posted: October 22nd, 2008

XConnect PTT System

This two-part ‘Press-To-Talk’ system for in-flight radio communication is introduced as a solid, simple to use system.

The XConnect integrates with both open and closed face helmets. A tough button, with an audible click, attaches to your finger by a 3.5 mm rubber coated wire that feeds down your sleeve. The wires are pre-coiled to absorb the unwanted yanks and pulls that so often break these systems. The headset detaches from the main wiring system so you don’t have to remove the wires and radio when you just want to take your helmet off.

Available at www.xcshop.com

Posted: October 21st, 2008


Cross Country magazine’s new calendar is a double-sided, full-gloss affair “packed with the best images from the crème de la crème of the sport’s photographers”.

The 2009 calendar features hang gliding and paragliding on one side, and paramotoring on the other side. Day and month names are in English, French, German, Swedish, Japanese and Chinese and there’s room to write in your important events in a week by week layout. Retail price is €15.95.

+Info and orders: www.xcshop.com

Posted:October 16th, 2008

New Paratrike Records in France

French pilot David Rotureau has set three new world records on a paratrike with an ITV Dakota Sport XS glider. On October 4th he managed to close a 100km triangle with a speed of 64,4 km/h, beating Michel Carnet’s previous mark of 58,49 km/h for the same circuit. On the same flight he set the record for distance over a closed circuit without landing with 100,7 km (no previous record).
On the 11th, David took off again to set another speed record: over a straight 15/25km course, at a speed of 62,4 km/h. The previous record was 57,21 km/h by Roman Zelenko.

These records are now pending official certification by the International Aeronautic Federation (FAI).

+Info: www.fai.org

Posted: October 16, 2008

Andy Aebi is PWC Champion 2008

Good luck with the weather in the World Cup finale in Castello, Brazil, where seven tasks were flown. Swiss pilot Andy Aebi (Advance Omega), who arrived in Brazil in pole position, was able to keep his advantage with a 4th place in the competition and therefore has won the PWC overall title for the first time –having finished third last year. Jean Marc Caron (FR, Niviuk Icepeak XP) was second and Stefan Schmocker (CH, Advance Omega) was third, after winning the Brazilian round of the PWC 2008.
In women, Anja Kroll (CH, Gin Boomerang 5) is again the number one, with Ewa Wisnierska (DE, Swing Stratus) second, and Keiko Hiraki (JP, Axispara Mercury) third. Advance is the winner team.
The 2008 tour has ended with 22 tasks despite the weather conditions that did not help much (föehn in Switzerland, wind in Spain and wind and weak thermals in Brazil).
In Brazil, the PWCA committee celebrated their general assembly where they designed a new format for the World Cup, which incorporates a “super final” after continental events in Europe, America and Asia/Oceania. The continental PWCs will define the champions for those areas, while the overall World Cup Champion will come out of the super final. The goal is to make this competition circuit more open to pilots from all countries. The Tour 2009 will have 6 events.

+Info: www.paraglidingworldcup.org
& www.hipoxia.com.br/pwc/

Posted: October 08, 2008

Photo: Leonardo Silveira

PWC 2008 ranking

1 - Andy AEBI
2 - Jean Marc CARON
3 - Stefan SCHMOKER
4 - Urban VALIC
5 - Torsten SIEGEL

39 - Anja KROLL
57 - Keiko HIRAKI
61 - Elisa HOUDRY
64 - Klaudia BULGAKOW

New Paragliders

SKY METIS 2 (Tandem/EN B)
The new tandem glider released by the Czech manufacturer is certified EN B and offers “easy take off, great speed range and marvellous, comfortable handling”. It is aimed at tandem professionals and pilots who will fly it as a second wing but who want to “core the thermals easily” like a solo glider. The second generation of the Metis has an aspect ratio of 5,1, with a surface of 40 square metres, and a weight range of 120 to 220 kg. The glider weights 7,7 kg.

+Info: www.sky-cz.com

MAC PARA Magus 6 (comp)
This new competition machine is a 3-line system glider and has an aspect ratio of 7.4. It is equipped with thin risers (12 mm Kevlar/Polyester), fitted with Harken pulleys. Design features include airfoils of different thicknesses for “excellent glide performance” (glide ratio of 11, according to Mac Para) and stability; and a special reinforcement system for a clean canopy. Top speed at high wing loading is quoted at 64-67 km/h. The Magus 6 is available in 4 sizes.

+Info: www.macpara.com

Gin Rebel Race (LTF2)
The lightweight race version of the Rebel, Gin's cross-country glider, comes with thinner lines and competition risers, and it is made with light materials that offer the “optimum compromise between light weight, performance and durability”. According to Gin, it has improved performance in trim speed, glide ratio or climb rate, with “the same level of security and ease-of-use” of the Rebel. It is available in 4 sizes and the weight is 4,9 to 6,1 kg.

+Info: www.gingliders.com

This new lightweight glider has been specially designed for mountain climbers who want uncomplicated take off and high passive security. Based on the entry-level Emotion, the Alpine Peak is slightly faster, a little more direct “and ascends a bit better in the thermal”, according to U-Turn. It is made with Skytex 36 and Skytex 27 for the sail, with risers made of 12 millimeter Kevlar, and thin Liros lines. It is available in 4 sizes and the weight is 4,9 for the M size.

+Info: www.u-turn.de

Sol Torck (LTF 2-3)
This is the new high-performance model from the Brazilian factory, which benefits from technologies from the brand's competition & world-records breaker paragliders. The Torck incorporates new profiles, a new layout and solutions to diminish the drag that result “in a low deformation in maximum velocities and an inherent stability”, according to Sol. It has an aspect ratio of 6,2 and it is available in 4 sizes.

+Info: www.solparagliders.com.br

Nova Factor (LTF2/EN C)
This new cross country model has a high wing curve for "extreme stability", more agility and more efficient turn. The Factor has an aspect ratio of 6, four risers and a "quite short line length (distance pilot to wing)". Other characteristics quoted by the manufacturer are: performance at upper end of class LTF 2 / EN C, stability in turbulent conditions, precise centering in thermals and direct reaction to brake. Available in 4 sizes.

+Info: www.nova-wings.com

Posted: September 18th, 2008

Paramania Fusion

Posted: September 10th, 2008

This new “pure intermediate powerglider” is the latest creation of designer Mike Campbell-Jones, combining technology from the popular Action and Action GT with “the proven safety and stability” of the Revolution. According to Paramania, the Fusion offers dynamic handling and direct response to pilot inputs. It also features the latest generation of reflex profile, “100% adjustable for all conditions”, for a wide speed range and high stability .

The Fusion sits right between the Revolution and the Action GT in terms of pilot's skills.

It is available in 3 sizes covering a weight range from 60 to 160 kg, and it is suitable for use with trike.

+Info: www.flyparamania.com

High and far in Pakistan

One of the most incredible flights of the season was done in the Himalayas of Pakistan on June 22nd. Brad Sander (US) flew 224km up to 7750 metres in a new altitude record for paragliders and the longest flight ever done in Asia. His plan was to cover the distance between Booni and Hunza in at least 2 days of bivouac flying, but the good conditions in the Himalayan skies helped him reach the goal in just one day.

“Conditions were epic and after an early low save I got quite high, 7750 meters high actually. I completed the flight in one long day, 9hrs and 224 km. Landing at the cemetary here in Karimabad I didn't even pack up, just walked to the hotel to see John Silvester and Eddie Colfox and share the experience with them. What an amazing thing to cover that much ground then be able to take a hot shower and hang out with friends!”, said Brad after the flight.

You can follow his adventures on his paragliding blog in Ozone's site: http://teamblog.flyozone.com/. And on his personal blog: http://bradsander.blogspot.com/

See the 249km flight

He flew with an Ozone Vulcan glider, which he bought 2nd hand from a Spanish pilot who visited Pakistan last year. After his groundbreaking adventure,Brad has been sponsored by Ozone, who gave him a brand new Addict 2 Light glider to bring with him to Pakistan for a new season of flights. Among Brad's new goals are to try and fly from Pakistan to Bhutan in bivouac, compete for the first time in the Indian Open in Bir Billing, or fly tandem in Pokhara (Nepal).

Posted: Eptember 10th, 2008

Ramon Morillas beats altitude record, again: 6749m!

Posted: September 4tht, 2008

The Spanish record-man has set not one but two new world records, after taking off this Tuesday 2 of September from the beach of Motril (Granada, Spain) at sea level and climbing to 6000m in just 1 hour and 11 minutes, to then continue climbing up to 6749m: the highest altitude achieved so far by paramotor.

The current world champion and European vice-champion flew with a PAP F200 paramotor(fitted with a Walkerjet WR200 engine) and a glider Advance Omega 7, size 26. Equipped to support temperatures as low as -20ºC, Ramon started the flight at 15:17 hours and by 16:28 he had secured his first record: time to climb to 6000 meters, a mark that was already in his hands since October of 2006 with 4 hours and 40 minutes. At 17:02, that is to say, 34 minutes later, he set the second record: altitude of 6749m (to be confirmed by the FAI through the data of the instruments), which widely exceeds his previous and still valid record of 6102 meters. He could even add a third record, if the time that took him to reach 3000m is shorter than the present record of 26 minutes and 36 seconds (Ramon believes it was about 25 minutes). At 17:45, Ramon landed at his doorstep on the Purche mountain in Granada, somewhat tired but satisfied.

Ramon told Ojovolador that this record attempt is part of the in-flight testing he is doing to his new motor, which he plans to use on a next expedition to Pakistan where he will try to set new landmarks in altitude flying: climbing to +8000m over the Himalayas. In this flight and others done during last week above 6300m, Ramon saw that the engine power gave him a good ascent rate up to around 5500m; then it would lose thrust. For that reason he introduced a homemade solution to adjust the carburetor in flight and, later, removed the air filter to keep the power at altitude. Even so, the lower density of the air at +6000m meant that the propeller also lost thrust so the pilot had to take advantage of the strong winds (about 30 knots) on Tuesday to climb over the massif of Sierra Nevada.

“At that altitude you can perceive the curvature of the planet” says Ramon, and adds that he could even got to play with the cirrus in a unique although risky experience. “The lack of oxygen gives you euphoria, but no matter how well you feel you need to be careful of your limits as it is easy to get dizzy or pass out if you are not hyperventilating or if you stay for a long time up there”, he says. The hardest part of the flight was the descent, as the wind was very strong from 5500m and below. Having killed the engine, as he usually does after an altitude flight, was not so good an idea this time but Ramon could go down and land safely at home, at tea time and with two new world records in his pocket.

If the International Aeronautical Federation (FAI) approves these two new achievements, Ramon will have 6 valid world records (and others already beaten) in his vast sport trajectory at the highest level, including the distance of 1105km done last year last in an historical flight over the sea to the Canary island of Lanzarote.

+info & fotos here!

Safety note: Supair quick release buckles

The harness manufacturer Supair has issued the following safety note:
“A few harnesses equipped with light quick release buckles have experienced involuntary releases of the locking mechanism in flight and primarily with the front (red) Safe-T buckle. The two small protruding release mechanism on the female side of the buckle, do not come back in place to secure a fully locked position. The harnesses equipped by the factory with these quick release buckles are:
2007 models: in addition to the previously mentioned harnesses: ALTIPLUME Airbag - ESCAPE Airbag - X-Ride - X-Ride Airbag.

Note: if your harness was upgraded with the light quick release buckles, make certain to verify the stamping on the buckles and find out if they are part of the above potentially problematic series.

This problem is not relevant to the harness itself but rather to the quick release light as well as the "Safe-T" buckle. The possibly malfunctioning buckles are stamped with the following markings: A08 or B08 which corresponds to their manufacturing date (date also indicated on the harness's label), valid between January 2008 and July 2008. The defect is located on the female part of the buckle.
If you own one of the affected harnesses, make certain the locking mechanism works smoothly and properly.

Contact your Supair dealer for instructions on test procedure or to arrange shipping of the harness to the factory for replacement of the affected buckles.

“Please accept our apologies in advance for any possible inconvenience you may encounter with your harness. We will work to the best of our abilities to correct the problem and make certain you will resume flying as soon as possible with full confidence.”

+Info: www.supair.com

Download full safety note (PDF) here.

Posted: August 31rst, 2008

XC Open Series and German Open arrive at Piedrahita

The famous site of Central Spain will welcome two international paragliding events on the coming weeks. The XC Open World series starts on Saturday 30thof August for 8 days of distance flights following the spirit of this international league: To fly far and safe in “safe flying areas on our planet”, with Open distance tasks or open distance via free choosen or fixed turn point(s).

Right after the XC Series, the German Open will take over Piedrahita on September 7th, giving the pilots a good chance to compete in the two events for 2 intensive weeks of cross country flying at one of the best locations in Europe, that still offers good conditions in September. The organization will arrange a free shuttle from and to the Madrid airport, see the details on the official site.

The participants of the Open will get a t-shirt with this cool logo of the Open, designed by Daniel Crespo from Ojovolador (hope you like it as much as we do! ;-).

More information of the German Open at

XC Open World Series here.

Posted: August 25th, 2008

335 km from the Czech Republic, the longest flight in Europe!

Posted: August 25th, 2008

On July 28th, Czech pilot Karel Vejchodský managed to fly the longest distance in the continent: after launching from Nove Sady, he covered 335,94 km in seven hours and 30 minutes and landed near the German town of Pommelsbrunn (some 40 km from Nürnberg). Karel was flying a Gradient Avax XC 2 glider.

“I could manage to fly very fast as very nice cloudstreets formed in first 2/3 of the distance. In the end of flight after crossing CZ/Germany borders I flew in sweet cloudless themals. The wind was not strong but conditions allowed me to push speedbar between clouds almost constantly. I am still surprised with performance of Avax XC2, great to know it is possible to fly big distances with today´s serial class gliders. I am so happy!”, commented karel about this epic flight on the PGforum

Congratulations from Ojovolador!

Details of the flight can be seen on the World XContest site here.

Spain sweeps off at the Paramotor Europeans!

The 5th FAI European Paramotor Championship concluded on Saturday 9th in Lomza, Poland, after 6 valid tasks that gave the gold to the Spanish pilots Juanjo Garcia in footlaunched paramotor (PF1) and Alfonso Redondo in paratrike solo (PL1).
The pilots enjoyed an attractive flying zone and the warm hospitality of the locals, but the bad weather conditions and questionable decisions made by the organization meant that the Championships were validated by a minimum number of tasks. However, over 100 participants from 13 countries in the 4 categories of paramotor and a competitive level made for a hard and exciting battle among the top ones.
Juanjo became European champion with an advantage of merely 2 points ahead of current world champion Ramon Morillas (also Spanish) who was 2nd, with Mathieu Rouanet (FR) on third place. In PL1, Alfonso won ahead of the Czechs Michal Krivanek (2nd) and Petr Matousek (3rd). Michel Touitou and Tristan Guillabeau (FR) won in tandem footlaunched (PF2), ahead of Vladimir Procek / Michal Bednarik (CZ) 2nd, and Christophe Charon / Laurence Capieuednarik (FR) 3rd.
In tandem trike (PL2), the winners were the Germans Barthel Gunar and Peter Shulz, with Cristóbal Aranada and Manuel Torne (SP) 2nd, and Kirill Ekimov and Jury Nikolaev (RUS) 3rd.

It was again a succesful championship for the Spanish team that allowed them to show off a superior position in the motorized world, with the gold medal by nations in PF1, a bronze medal in PL1, individual silver in tandem paratrike (PL2) and the two individual golds in the main classes. Last year at the Worlds of China, the Spanish squad took the individual gold in 3 of the 4 classes (PF1, PL1, PL2), the gold by nations in PL and bronze in PF1.

The next major appointment for competition pilots will be the FAI World Championships next year, although there haven't been any notice regarding location (or any other detail) yet.

PF1 - Team
1st: Spain
2nd: France
3rd: Poland

PF2 - Team
1st: France
2nd: Czech Republic
3rd: Poland

PL1 - Team
1st : Czech Republic
2nd : Poland
3rd : Spain

PL2 - Team
1st: Czech Republic
2nd: Poland
3rd: Lithuania

PF1 (Foot-launched solo)

1º Juan Jose GARCIA DE ABAJO ESP - 4255 pts
2º Ramon MORILLAS - 4253 pts
3º Mathieu ROUANET - 3862 pts

Paratrike solo PL1
1st Alfonso redondo ESP 4.016 pts
2nd Michael Krivanek CZE 3.878 pts
3rd Petr Matousek CZE 3.616 pts

Paratrike PL1 Team
1 st Czech Republic. 11685 pts
2nd Poland 9.899 pts pts
3rd Spain 9.488 pts

PF2 (Foot-launched / Flown with two persons)
1st: Michiel Touitou / Tristan Guillabeau FRA
2nd: Vladimir Procek / Michal Bednarik CZE
3rd: Christophe Charon / Laurence Capieu FRA

PL2 (Paratrike / Flown with two persons)
1st: Barthel Gunar / Peter Shulz GER
2nd: Cristobal Aranda / Manuel Torne ESP
3rd: Kirill Ekimov / Jury Nikolaev RUS

+Info: http://www.epc2008.org/

Photos: Jose Luis Esteban

SAFETY NOTICE: Gin Boomerang Sport & Yeti 08.

+Info: www.gingliders.com

Posted: August 05th, 2008

Gin Gliders have issued a safety note concerning the lines of Boomerang Sport and Yeti 08:

“During inspections of Boomerang Sports with 100s of hours of use, we have found that some gliders have lines that have changed outside the tolerances we set for length. After 100 hours+, some middle lines using material "LIROS DC 120" can shrink. The changes occur mainly on the D and brake lines.

This line shrinkage can be easily detected during the normal line length check as part of the required inspection after 100 hours or 1 year. As a precaution, we have decided to offer replacement middle and upper line sets, free of charge, to all owners of Boomerang Sports and Yeti 08s that are fitted with LIROS DC 120 and DC 60”.

“As written in the owner's manual, the competition models (Boomerang Sport and Boomerang) should be regularly checked, at least every 100 hours of flight or every year. Similarly for the Yeti: pilots have to check their wing after every 50 hours of flight or every year. There are additional specific instructions regarding competition Boomerangs, please refer to the user manual: http://www.gingliders.com/downloads/manual.php

We insist that pilots respect these inspection intervals as these gliders are very sensitive to any changes in the line's breaking strength and/or total line length. The aerodynamics, performance and safety of these models can be affected by changes outside the tolerances set out in the Maintenance Instructions (see manual).

Please contact your GIN distributor

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Posted: August 04th, 2008

Paramotors World XContest: The virtual competition

The contest is available at http://paramotors.xcontest.org

Posted:July 29th, 2008

The succesful online competition of distance flights for paragliders is now open to paramotors. The “Paramotors World XContest 2008“ is a good way to show your paramotor flights on the web and compare your performance with those of other participants, and to try and improve your cross country abilities under power. The Paramotors Xcontest is now open as a “trial season” until December 31, 2008, with only Open category and National team scoring. If everything goes well, a new season will start on January 1st 2009. To participate, you just need a GPS to log your XC flight from takeoff to landing; then you have to upload your tracklog from the GPS with a software in IGC format (there is one available at the XContest site). You can even add a few words about the flight and pictures of it. Visitors who see your flight can also leave comments or congratulations! Over 300 PPG flights have been submitted to the XContest since the opening in May.

Behind the Paramotors XContest project are the founders of the XContest system and the Czech pilot Michaela Machartova (European Champion 2006 in paratrike) who, together with his partner Frantisek Salava, thought that this kind of competition would encourage PPG pilots to compete in a relax way, without the hassle of fuel or weight checks, machine restrictions, declarations or categories.

“The main idea of XContest system is to provide pilots with most well-arranged and simple online cross country contest as it´s possible. Together with this we want to bring all important information about flights and pilots. Our aim during the flight information browsing is to give all users the chance to view all important data from tracklog, which are available. And without any additional software”, explain the XContest team.

X-Alps 2009: Registration open!

Photocredits: Vitek Ludvik/ Red Bull Photofiles

+Info: www.redbullxalps.com

Posted:July 26th, 2008

After three successful editions, the Red Bull X-Alps -the “toughest paragliding race”- is back and is now searching the globe for potential participants.

From July 15, 2008, athletes can apply online via the official website, www.redbullxalps.com, to be part of the next instalment of this event, which starts on July 19, 2009. Applications will close on September 30, 2008 and a selection announcement will be made shortly after.

A total of thirty international athletes will be chosen to race over an 850km route through the Alps, which is expected to take up to 20 days.

"We are looking for the best competitors, most interesting sportspeople and athletes who are fully motivated to push their limits and make it to Monaco," says race organiser Hannes Arch.

Organisers are currently finalising the route, which will take athletes through turnpoints in Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and France before finishing on the Mediterranean Coast.

Promising to be as tough as ever, the new course will require an intelligent strategy and should allow for some very long flights should athletes get their planning correct.

Competitors must carry their equipment at all times, but can nominate a supporter to provide food, clothing and navigational advice. The race continues day and night until the first athlete reaches goal.

2007's event was considered the most exciting yet, with Switzerland's Alex Hofer reaching the final turnpoint, after some stunning last-minute flying, just a few hours ahead of Toma "Running Man" Coconea (ROM).

A huge amount of fans followed the action via the Live Tracking service on www.redbullxalps.com. The exact position of each athlete was pinpointed on an interactive map, showing whether they are hiking, flying or resting as well as allowing site visitors to view performance statistics and diary entries.

Greg Blondeau is European Champion 2008

It was not an easy competition. The Europeans held in Nis, Serbia, showed many problems in the organization since the begining (slow starts, tasks cancelled, problems with transportation), which together with the not so good conditions and a takeoff site too small for such an event caused many complaints from the teams.

Finally, five tasks were flown with distances between 51 and 74 km. French pilot Greg Blondeau (FR, Mac Para Magus) managed to take the lead on the first task and fought hard for the 1st place, which he deservedly took ahead of Andy Aebi (CH, Advance Omega) and Jeremy Lager (FR, Advance Omega proto). In women, Ewa Wisnierska (DE, Swing Stratus WRC) took the gold, with Anja Kroll (CH, Gin Boomerang 5) 2nd, and Elisa Houdry (FR, Gin Boomerang 5) 3rd. The winner nation was France; Switzerland was 2nd and Italy was 3rd. For the ranking a new scoring system was used by the FAI, according to which only 3 pilots from each nation were nominated before the competition to score for the team in all the tasks. With this system we found that the new European Champion was not scoring for the French, as he had not been nominated!

+Info: http://www.eupgserbia2008.com

Euro's Top 10:
1 BLONDEAU, Greg, (MAC Para Magus5) FRA, 4069pts.
2 AEBI, Andy, (Advance Omega) CHE, 4040
3 LAGER, Jeremie, (Advance Omega Proto) FRA, 3995
4 SIGEL, Michael, (Advance Omega) CHE, 3953
5 PODOBNIK, Primoz, (UP Edge) SVN, 3946
6 BRANDLEHNER, Thomas, (Swing Stratus WRC) AUT, 3933
7 BOTTEGAL, Maurizio, (Swing Stratus WRC) ITA, 3858
8 VALIC, Aljaz, (Gin Boomerang 5) SVN, 3853
9 PREVC, Gasper, (Mac Para Magus) SVN, 3823
10 DIMISKOVSKI, Goran, (UP Edge) MKD, 3800

1º Francia
2º Suiza
3º Italia

1ª Ewa Wienerska
2ª Anja Kroll
3ª Elisa Houdry

Posted:July 24th, 2008

Photos Xevi Bonet +Photos

N u e v o s - P a r a p e n t e s

Sky Ares 2 (EN-D)
The second generation of Sky’s high performance wing introduces a new design that offers high speed range and stability, “extremely high” performance, high efficiency in the thermals and a low weight of the canopy (5,4 kg for the M size), according to Sky. The Ares 2 has 77 cells and an aspect ratio of 6. It is available in 3 sizes.

+Info: http://sky-cz.com

Icaro Maverick (LTF2)
The Maverick is introduced as a simple to fly XC glider with high performance. It introduces “professional” race risers, a combination of 4 different sail cloths for the canopy, and five line-diameters in dyneema and Kevlar, which make the glider competitive even compared to LTF 2-3 models. Available in 3 sizes.

+Info: http://www.icaro-wings.de

Advance Sigma 7 (EN-C)
Introduced as “the top-performing intermediate” glider, the Sigma 7 is also “distinctly more stable” even at high speed and in turbulent air, according to Advance. The glider introduces narrow risers with a 2-stage speed system, hybrid lines, and low brake loads for direct and pleasant handling. It has an aspect ratio of 5.65, 62 cells, and it is available in 4 sizes.

+Info: www.advance.ch

Advance Alpha 4 Hike (EN-B)
This is Advance’s first glider for walkers, based on their entry level model. The Alpha 4 Hike is built using new light fabrics and the brand’s Smart Sail System. It introduces lightweight, specially coated lines and narrow risers. Compared to the Alpha 4, it has a bit more lively flying qualities and “much better performance”, and it can use a higher takeoff weight. Certified EN-B.

+Info: www.advance.ch

Apco Fun for Two (tandem/ EN-B)
The new tandem glider from Apco is built with double coated siliconised cloth and heavy duty Technora lines, and introduces the latest evolution of FLEXON® Batten design in the leading edge. According to Apco, it offers the “best performance” together with direct and responsive handling, wide speed range and good takeoff and landing behaviour. Weight range is 140 to 230 kg.

+Info: http://www.apcoaviation.com

Posted: June 25th, 2008

PWC of Castejon: Karlo Bonacic wins
competition suspended after fatality

The competition winner was Bonacic, with Jean Marc Caron (FR, Niviuk Icepeack XP) 2nd and Tomas Brauner (CZ, Mac Para Magus) 3rd. The World Cup 2008 overall leader is now Andy Aebi (CH, Advance Omega).

+Info: http://new.pwca.org
+info: http://castejonwc2008.compesite.org/

The World Cup event held in Castejón de Sos (Huesca, Spain) had a sad ending on Saturday 21st, when the competition was suspended in respect for Russian pilot Dmitry Maslennikov who died in an accident. Maslennikov had gone missing on Thursday's task and his body was found on Friday, a few km away from the direct task route. The organization declared that he probably suffered a major collapse “pushing him to a rock wall that he hit hard without giving him any chance to use his reserve parachute”. This is the first fatality in the 16 years of life of the PWC.

Before that, the competition had had 3 valid tasks after two days cancelled for bad weather. The first task was flown on Tuesday 17th, a 38km race that more than 100 pilots completed with Karlo Bonacic (CRO, Axis Mercury) first at goal. The second task on Wednesday was an epic 139km race to Alp that 85 pilots completed. Stefan Wyss was the task winner. On Thursday, a 94km task is set and Karlo Bonacic is again the winner. Over 80 pilots reach goal.

Posted: June 24th, 2008

New Light Harnesses

Mac Para Goya II
The evolution of the Goya is defined as a “light, spacious, aerodynamically cut ABS harness suitable for entry-level to intermediate pilots”. Among the improvements, the new harness comes with longer seat plate on sizes L and XL, a new design and position for the reserve handle, and breathable fabric on the back.

+Info: www.macpara.com

SKY Skylight Tourist
Weighting only 1470 grams, this is a set of rucksack and harness (reversible) with the reserve container integrated within the harness design in the centre of gravity. The Skylight Tourist comes with Sky’s Safety Strap System with traditional buckles that make it easy to get into.

+Info: www.sky-cz.com

Gingo Air Light
The airbag version of the Gingo 2, Gin’s intermediate harness suitable for all pilots, weights 3.7kg and it is introduced as a “supremely comfortable” harness. The Gingo Airlight comes with under-seat rescue container and click buckles with T-lock safety system, and it is certified EN and LTF.

+Info: gingliders.com


Posted: June 24th, 2008

Icaro presents two new helmets for PPG pilots:

The Rollbar introduces a new system with all the advantages of an integral helmet regarding chin’s protection, without the inconvenient neither in visibility nor in weight (700gr without headset and visor). The Rollbar comes with optional large headset and visors, and it is available in three colors and five different sizes.

The Sky Rider is designed for the “fashion victim” pilots. With the Sky Rider, Icaro launches a helmet “made in Italy” with an aunthentic leather coating in red and black colors. The Sky Rider weights only 650gr, with an interchangeable internal padding, and have optional visors and headset too.

+ Info: icaro2000.com

Posted: June 18th, 2008

Saucisse Pack

The Saucisse Pack (or Sausage Pack) is the new proposal from Ozone to fold your wing cell by cell. Acording to the manufacturer, the Saucisse Pack is “perfect to protect the mylar of the leading-edge” which keeps the flight characteristics of the wing throughout time and preserves it in a good state of conservation for a possible sale. Ozone declares that the Saucisse Pack is lightweight but strong and it is provided with a YKK zipper.

+ info: flyozone.com

Posted: June 18th, 2008

Variometer Flymaster B1

The Portuguese manufacturer of flight instruments, known for the development of the navigation software NAV+ for PDAs as well as the variometer, altimeter and GPS module F1, will launch this summer the new variometer B1. According to Flymaster, this new variometer, provided with an ultra sensitive pressure sensor, will be very fast. Moreover, the Flymaster B1 will have, again following Flymaster announcement, “a configurable display with a fantastic high resolution of 320x240 pixels (higher than any other) and a built-in high capacity rechargeable battery for extended flight time”.

Among other characteristics, the variometer B1 presents:

- Configurable screen data
- Wireless interface for multiple probe connection (ex. wind-speed and temperature)
- Configurable variometer acoustics
- 3 digital altimeters
- Graphic altimeter
- Analog and digital vario
- Real time, flight time and temperature indicators
- Real time altitude plot

+ Info flymaster.net

Posted: June 18th, 2008

Seawind flight suit

The Chinese company Seawind Skysports Co.Ltd., flight training center and manufacturer of flight equipments as well as paramotor and trikes, present their renewed range of flying suits with new color paterns. According to Seawind, these flying suits are made in high-tech fabric using the most advanced production methods.

+ info: Seawind

Posted: June 18th, 2008

New RPM meter / timer from KobraPPG

KobraPPG brings to the market a tiny new RPM meter and timer for

The unit is chip controlled, fully programmable, and is suitable for both
two and four stroke engines. It keeps in memory the max RPM and the time the
engine has been running. Its two small batteries last for two years before
needing to be replaced, and the unit comes with a two year warranty.

+ Info: www.kobrappg.com

Posted: June16th, 2008

British Open of Pedro Bernardo in Images, by Ojovolador.

At Ojovolador we have published a complete photographic report of this Open held at our home site, with a total of 465 photos selected from more than 1000 we took during the four excellent days of flight. You can see them as thumbnails or watch a slide show.

Hope you like them as much as we do!

After showing them at the bar on the last night, some pilots asked us if they could get some of them in hi-res. If you were here flying with us and we took one or more incredible pics of you that you would like to have for your private use (i.e., to print it and hang it at home), we can offer them in 3456 x 3192px at a price of 5€ each*. This way you will also help us to continue flying high with Ojovolador.com. (*Please send us an email with the number/s of the picture/s you want and we will send you a payment request through Paypal).

See the

Watch the pics
as slide show

Posted: June 10th, 2008

Brilliant British Open in Pedro Bernardo:
Craig Morgan is the winner.

Five days of flight out of 6, four valid tasks and a hundred happy pilots are the most significant numbers of the first event of the British Paragliding Championship celebrated in Pedro Bernardo, on the South face of the Gredos mountains (Avila, Spain), on June 2 to 7.

Top 10:
1 Craig Morgan GBR Mac Magus
2 Mark Hayman GBR Ozone Mantra
3 Mark Watts GBR Axispara Mercury
4 Olympio Faissol BRA UP Edge
5 Joakim Johansson SWE Airwave Magic Fr4
6 Mads Syndergaard DNK UP Edge
7 Adam Hill GBR Axispara Mercury
8 Eduardo Sanchez-Granel ARG Axispara Mercury
9 Kai Coleman GBR Axispara Mercury
10 Slawomir Kaczynski POL UP Edge

The British showed a very competitive level and took the 3 first places of the overall results, with Craig Morgan (Mac For Magus) as general winner, Mark Hayman (Ozone Mantra R) second, and Mark Watts (Axispara Mercury) 3rd. The battle for the first positions was hard right from the first day, and the pilots strived to reach goal fast –there were never fewer than 30 at the end of each task- taking advantage of atypical conditions for the zone. These translated in flights over the valley and the flats following the cumulus and drifting with smooth north wind. No flights were done along the Gredos range (the typical course), and the heavy rains of the previous weeks left an unusually green and attractive landscape in this zone of central Spain.

After two good tasks of 72 and 75 km and an invalid one for stopping before any pilot had completed it, there was a forced rest day on Thursday due to the threatening black clouds over the takeoff. On Friday the competition took up again with a 63 km task, after a long wait for west breeze at launch and after changing twice both takeoff and task. With north-eastern wind, the route was a slight criss-crossing line to the south and goal some 20 km to the south of Talavera of Reina, where more than half of the pilots arrived although Craig Morgan and Cecilio Valenzuela took an important advantage of +15 minutes over the rest of their contenders.

On Saturday, the last day, the Open concluded with another task of 63 km the south, this time with two turnpoints on the East-West axis around Talavera and goal next to the highway that 73 pilots completed. This time Mark Watts came in first ahead of Craig Morgan and Mads Syndergaard (DNK, UP Edge), for a tight final result.

A warm sunny day, many smiley faces and the first quick retrieve of the championship (with a single trip by bus instead of several of the vans) put a brilliant end to the Open. The Brits promised that they will come back to Pedro Bernardo, where besides great flying during all the week they felt very welcomed.

See our super-gallery of photos in:

Results and +info: PGcomps.org.uk

Posted: June 10th, 2008

British Open starts with good weather in Pedro Bernardo

The spring and sun are finally back in central Spain, with good conditions to dispute the first British Open of the year in the zone of Pedro Bernardo, province of Avila. On the first day, still with cloudy skies and threat of rain in some areas, a fast task of 35 km was set on the valley in order to avoid the developments in the Gredos mountains. But heavy rain at the goal forced the organization to stop the task - which was cancelled as no pilot could complete it (according to the PWC2008 scoring system being used in the comp). In any case, the flight was a good opportunity to train and boost the optimism for the hundred participating pilots.

Tuesday brought sunny skies with beautiful cumulus that, together with light easterly winds, allowed for a race through 3 turnpoints in south-southwest direction that took the pilots along an unusual route: first to the village of Marrupe on the south of Pedro Bernardo, then to the west to Velada (near the city of Talavera of Reina), to return in North direction up to the bridge over the Tietar river and back to Pedro Bernardo to the east, with goal on the official landing zone; a total of 72 km. Thirty-four pilots completed the task, with Kai Coleman (Axis Mercury) first in 2:36 hour, followed by Argentinean pilot Eduardo Sanchez-Granel (Axis Mercury) and Jaime Messenger (Ozone proto).

Today Wednesday 4th, we have a sunny day with cumulus that have been partially covering the sky. The forecast gives light West wind and a task is on at the moment: a 75 km direct race to goal in south-east direction, to the south of Maqueda in the province of Toledo . +Details soon, here...

+Info & results: www.pgcomps.org.uk/

Posted: June 4th, 2008

Hans Bausenwein - New CEO of the Paraglider
Manufacturers Association PMA

+Info: www.p-m-a.info
Also: www.xcopen.org y www.bausenwein.net

Posted: June 4th, 2008

One of the more respected personalities of the sport, Hans Bausenwein (DE), is the new Chief Executive Officer of the PMA. An accomplished cross country pilot, he is the father of the XC Open series, and has been a member of the CIVL working group for safety and training. In the past, Hans has also been involved in the DHV certification procedures on behalf of the brands that his company Aerosport represented, and he was a member of the German DIN working group for paraglider test standards, so he is familiar with the procedures for EN as well. Among the ideas he wants to promote from his new position, Bausenwein plans to make the PMA membership more attractive also for smaller companies and to bring more members into the PMA.

Hans has said that he is looking forward to working for the PMA and to contributing with his dedication and experiences to a successful future of the Sport of Paragliding.

198 ‘Infinity’ by Chrigel: A new record!

He might have been missed at the first PWC event in Italy (due to his new responsibilities as a father!) but Chrigel Maurer is certainly in great form. On May 25th he broke his own previous record of Infinity tumbles (155) at Grindelwald, Switzerland, after releasing himself from a helicopter at 3500 metres and performing 198 tumbles with his Advance acro glider in only 5 minutes 50 seconds. He just missed his goal of 200.

Immediately afterwards he exchanged the "acrobat" glider and clothes for his racing equipment and took off only two hours later for the first run of the world cup, held in Grindelwald as well. He made 4th place for day 1, and after the 2nd and last valid task on Friday 30th he was the competition winner!

At Advance say that the enormous loadings reached in radical acro manoeuvres like this are perfect for testing the materials and construction techniques used in their gliders.


Posted: June 2nd, 2008

‘I fly because…’: The film

Three months after starting a contest inspired by the trailer of a new film called “Because”, the paraglider manufacturer Ozone has released the final short film and chosen the winners. Pilots from 74 countries answered the question “why you fly?” and entered the contest. Spain topped the list, with the most responses, followed by France, then the USA, UK, and Brazil. It’s interesting to hear the results:

By far the most common words used in your answers were: ‘free’ and ‘freedom’. The answer most received was: ‘because… I can’”, say at Ozone. Most of the participants described flying as/because: An escape from commitments, a dream that came true, a feeling of youth, better than sex, or “a drug”.

'Because...' the film is also available at youtube. Click on play to watch it.

You can read the 16 best answers chosen by Ozone and vote for your favourite at http://www.flyozone.com/paragliders/en/adventure/because/

The short film “Because” is available on internet for watching or downloading, and expresses some of the feelings and ideas that make us so hooked to flying, with inspiring images of different ways to enjoy our sport and a good camera and edition work.

Visit: http://because.flyozone.com/

Posted: June 2nd, 2008

Mike Kung jumps off a Zeppelin with a paraglider

Before some 10.000 people gathered around the dock of Lindau at Lake Constance (Germany), the famous acro pilot Mad Mike Küng (“MMK“) not only managed the jump as a head-over –a flip above the glider– but also the precision landing in a Ferrari-Convertible (worth 448.000 euros!) parked in a raft.

The feat was not free from complications. The Zeppelin was due to take off very early in the morning but one of the engines burst and the show had to be delayed until 11am, when the wind conditions were very challenging because of the inflow foehn. The airship –a Zeppelin NT 07 with a length of 78 meters, 19,5 meters wide and 17,4 meters high– sank at the first try to deploy the glider for the jump under the cabin. A very dangerous situation, because it was almost like the glider came towards MMK and impended to be sucked by a propeller.

The second attempt was successful and Küng jumped off cleanly over a U-Turn Emotion glider (DHV1) and then glided down to the lake to land smoothly on the seat of the Ferrari. Arnold Gardemann, president of the official German Ferrari-Club who provided the red racer could breathe again: The noble vehicle was practically intact!

+ photos: www.u-turn.de

Posted: May 29th, 2008

Ramon Morillas and Alfonso Redondo are
Spanish Paramotor champions 2008

The pilot from Granada and current world champion, Ramon Morillas, took the leadership of the Spanish foot-launched paramotor with the 1st place of the National Championship held near Seville last weekend. On second position was Juanjo Garcia and third, Caesar Maldonado – both members of the Spanish Team. In Paratrike solo (PL1) the winner was Alfonso Redondo, followed by David Castillejo on his first competition, and Paco Guerra in 3rd place.

In spite of a bad forecast and the unstable weather we have had in Spain in the last weeks, 16 pilots flew 7 valid tasks in this championship, that included two navigations (one of economy) and precision tasks like the cloverleaf, the eight, the round triangle, precision takeoffs and spot landings.

The pilots that will form the National Team to represent Spain in the next European Championships of Poland will be the best positioned in the present Spanish ranking, which considers the last paramotor competitions: some of the League 2007 and these recent Nationals.

+Info: http://www.feada.org/

*In the pics we can see the new champions enjoying the victory with their favorite drinks...!

Posted: May 28th, 2008


+Info: www.fiaelyelmo.com

Posted: May 23rd, 2008

This original open competition will be held during the next International Air Festival of El Yelmo, FIA 08, (Jaen, Andalusia, 3-6 July), the oldest event dedicated to paragliding in Spain. Freestyle is the most visual and daring discipline of paramotor flight and, in this case, the tasks will challenge the pilots' abilities to complete slalom-type circuits at full speed and only a couple of metres above the ground. Additionally, tasks will be done with simultaneous takeoffs in pairs, which will allow the public to appreciate the differences between the competitors.

The 1st Paramotor Open of Freestyle (FAI) –only for foot-launched paramotor– is a qualification competition for the World Air Games of Turin 2009, and the results will determine the 3 pilots who will represent Spain there, but the comp is also open to pilots from foreign national teams. There are cash prizes and trophies for the best pilots: 700 euros for the 1st, 500 for the 2nd and 300 for the 3rd.

The competition will start on Thursday 3rd at 18 hours with the registration, a general briefing and the first valid tasks, to continue the tasks on Friday and Saturday mornings and evenings, at the paramotor field of Cortijos Nuevos.

The type of tasks will be chosen from the FAI catalogue, according to their regulations for this kind of competition. The technical direction will be in the hands of Ramon Morillas, current foot-launched paramotor world champion, and Ramon Lopez, leader of the Spanish Paramotor Team, while the meet director will be Paco Setien.

The organizers of the Festival have remarked that any pilot can participate in this comp, which is meant to be funand with surprises”. If you are interested, check out the info for registering on the FIA website.

Løkken Festival: 24 hours a day for Wagas!

The Lokken Festival on June 21-26 is another “rendez-vous” for freestyle lovers (see note of Wagas Festival below), which will be held at an exceptional spot near the polar circle, with 24 hours of light a day during the summer days!

The wagas contest, with some of the best acro pilots of the World, is claimed to be a friendly competition free of stress for the participants. And besides the competition, the main objective of the Lokken Festival is to have as many people airborne as possible and in any way, for which they are even organizing a special paragliding course for beginners during the festival. The program also includes an aerial carnival, tandem flights in acrobatic airplanes and tandem flights in autogyros. On the 25th there will be a big party with reggae and electronic music all night long.

The organization is managed by the Beach Acro Denmark club (B.A.D), which brings together paragliders and hang gliders as well as kite surfers and BASE jumpers. Their flying spot on the west coast of Denmark has exceptional dunes for wagas and soaring. The registration fee for the Lokken Festival is 50 euros for five days, including camping and food.

+Info: http://www.beachacro.dk

Posted: May 20th, 2008

The Wagas Festival of the Dune of Pyla is back!

Posted: May 20th, 2008

After a year off, the popular Wagas Festival will be back on the Dune on May 29 to June 1st . This competition, registered in the Official Calendar of the French Free Flight Federation (FFVL), will bring together the best freestyle pilots of the world to this magnificent paragliding spot. This year, the focus of attention will probably be Olivier Fritz who won the last edition in 2006 snatching the title from Charlie Piccolo, the “King of the Dune”.

The competition fee is 100 euros for the four days, including three meals per day and a 50% reduction on the price of a bungalow in the camping.

Besides the wagas show, the program includes kiting, kitesurfing and hang gliding exhibitions, juggling, as well as music concerts. And you can enjoy it all while your feet are in the sand…

Behind the Festival organization is the local club Wagas Festival Organisation (WFO), consisting of the Parateam Club members and local and regional authorities. The Parateam Club, created 10 years ago, became famous for their work for promotion of paragliding by organizing the four past editions of the Wagas Festival, among other events, and for their extensive production of paragliding videos available on their website (www.parateam.com).

+Info: http://wagas-festival.com

14th Flying Festival of Azores

The 14th edition of the Festival of Sao Miguel Island (Azores) will be held from the 28 to the 31 of August. This year, special guests will be Danish pilot Louise Crandal, several times PWC and World champion; Beatriz Garcia, Spanish champion of paragliding and (unofficial) powered-paragliding; and Michel Ferrer, French photo-journalist free-lance for several free flight magazines.

Regarding flying, the organization will arrange transportation to some of the many take-off sites of the island. There will also be a dinner party at the panoramic restaurant of the Azores Atlántico Hotel on the 30th and a Fiesta Nocturna (night party) to close the VooFest 2008 on the 31st.

Registration is open until August 10th and the cost is 30 euros for pilots and 20 for companions. There are interesting accommodation offers on the official website.

+Info: http://asassaomiguel.com/

Posted: May 13th, 2008

New generation of Brake Handles by Pro-Design

The Austrian manufacturer of paragliders Pro-Design has been involved in the design of the paraglider handles and, as a result, has developed not only one handle but a whole range of new paraglider handles: From the Classic Comfort to the Sport version with a rigid part, and the Sensor for pilots who like to fly with their hands in the handle and holding the brake line with their fingers.

As a temporary gift, Pro Design will include an assortment of these three models of handles with every glider ordered. The main objective of the company is to receive feedback from their customers, with comments and advices that will help them further enhance the design of these very important parts of the glider. For those of you who fly Pro Design and will beneficiate from this offer, email your comments to hofbauer@pro-design.at with the remark "handle feedback" in the subject line.

+Info: www.pro-design.at

Posted: May - 13, 2008

New Digifly instruments and software update

The Italian manufacturer of flight instruments Digifly presents its new rang of variometers. Archimede (basic vario), Archimede+ (Logger 2D, polar, McCready) and Cartesio 3D (communication with GPS, Logger 3D for flight tracks) will replace the Flyer2, the Newton and the Cartesio2. These new varios have new software, are more powerful and user-friendly, and have beneficiated of multiple improvements based on the feedback from paraglider pilots:

- high power audio now on the front panel for a better hearing

- new high resistant case, metal inside (50% aluminium, 50% nylon) with anti- scratch painting

- very high reactivity vario instrument

- new keyboard with silk screen help

- new user friendly software

- new high tech look

On their website you will also find available for download the firmware 61.0 for the Leonardo instrument. The new software improves the vario responsiveness and the GPS sensibility, and virtually eliminates every delay of recording of the turnpoint – according to Digifly.

+Info: www.digifly.com

Posted: May 13th, 2008

Video: Flypa 2008 by Ojovolador

In this video we have included some of the best images shot during the last festival of Los Realejos, Flypa 08, an event loaded with shows of outstanding acrobats and pilots from different corners of the world. Enjoy!
Posted: May 12th, 2008

El Yelmo celebrates their 9th International Festival: July 3 to 6

Posted: May 8th, 2008

The popular International Air Festival of El Yelmo, FIA 2009 (Cortijos Nuevos, Jaen, Andalusia) –the oldest paragliding festival in Spain- will keep the successful line started last year, which gives a central role to the participating pilots: with free registration, gifts, flying, acrobatic shows, a festival of films related to flying, a fair, talks and workshops, and plenty of fun.

New in this 9th edition of the FIA is the 4-days duration, starting on Thursday evening with the opening of the fair and the first night of cinema and concerts. Also new is the first Mountain-and-Paragliding race that will take the contestants all the way to the top of El Yelmo mountain by foot to then take-off using lightweight paragliders provided by an international manufacturer. Another competition to be held during the festival is the 1st Spanish Freestyle Paramotor Open that will be a qualifying event for the World Air Games of Turin 2009, with eye-catching ground tasks at a special area open to the public.

In the program there’s the night show of paramotor and fantasy that Paraddax (also known as the "European Paramotor Team") will put up; the homecoming of the SAT team; BASE jump and skydiving by the Red Bull team and the parachutists of the Army; or the RACE aerobatic airplanes. Like in previous years, there will be tandem paraglider flights and helicopter flights from the site.

Born in 1999 as ‘Air Cinema Festival’, El Yelmo still keeps this section dedicated to productions featuring the air and flying as protagonists, which will by screened every night on the main stage of the FIA and in the Day Cinema, inside the Fair. Those interested in video making will have the chance to participate in free workshops about edition during mornings and evenings.

The air-conned tent of the Fair will be again the place where to take shelter from the Andalusian heat and to see the new products presented by vendors. Inside there will be other activities, like technical talks about, for example, the X-Alps competition by Ramon Morillas, or Meteorology.

The memorable nights of the FIA will count this year with batucadas, DJs sessions and concerts with popular bands. The Festival’s goal is that we all enjoy the most playful and visual side of paragliding on a particularly fun weekend.

+Info (English version coming soon): www.fiaelyelmo.com

Flypa 08: The biggest show!

The fourth edition of the Paragliding Festival of Los Realejos confirmed its position as one of the greatest shows of acrobatic paragliding of the moment, perhaps only contested by the Icare Cup (France). With world-class experts in that discipline displaying their abilities over the beach of El Socorro, on the north of Tenerife (Canary, Spain), the 4 days of Flypa 08 were a big aerial party – in spite of unfavourable conditions for flying due to a heat wave that left high stability until Saturday. Over two hundred pilots had to exercise patience and satisfy their thirst for flying with the smooth glide from Izaña (+2000m) in the mornings, and wait for better conditions to fly from La Corona –which this year barely offered top-to-bottoms from Thursday to Saturday.

Impressive performances of the Aerodyne team, the girls Seiko Fukuoka and Maeva Giacometti, the Ozone team of acro and BASE jump and Ozone paramotor, the Canarias acro pilots Juan Luis Morales and Renan Morales, the Renegades, the SAT, the Green brothers ("Acro_twinz"), the Draco paramotor team, the skydivers of Babylon and Red Bull teams... With half a hundred of top pilots throwing tricks around it was difficult to get bored during the day, while at night we could enjoy an excellent concert of a Cuban band on Friday and other groups on Thursday and Sunday, in addition to a massive fireworks show held at Los Realejos due to the local festivities of the Cross, on Saturday.

New this year was the premiere of the film by Tim and Anthony Green, "Lift", that follows the feats of the twin youngsters at the controls of their Apco gliders in different flying zones and even while they furtively break in a skyscraper under construction in Paris to do a ‘rollover’ jump from the top, fly down in between huge buildings and run away in a scooter through the city – in pure BASE jump style. The festival also had an official pet, "Flypi" the Canary bat, who entertained the children after landing on the beach in a tandem paramotor.

On the critic’s side we must say that the pilots were far from happy with the closing of the airspace for two hours on Sunday noon, just when the conditions finally got perfect for paragliding after 3 bad days. This was due to the participation of a military airplane that would release skydivers over the beach of El Socorro, which somehow was delayed. The pilots frustration made for a tense wait at takeoff and the practically unanimous opinion that airplanes (military or not) are little compatible with a paragliding event like the Flypa. We hope that the organization will take note on this.

Flypa 08 had a finishing touch on Sunday at the beach, with an impressive show of paramotors displaying fireworks and lights in the Canary night by the Draco team (formed by World Champion Ramon Morillas and members of the Spanish paramotor team). The grand final came with two of the pilots descending in sats in between the fire wakes of their mates: a brilliant ending for four intense days of show and diversion.

*We’ll soon tell you more about Flypa08 in a full report, stay tuned!

*Read our article of FLYPA 07 here

+Info: www.flypa.es

*See the photo album of Flypa08 (and upload your pics if you attended):


Posted: May 7th, 2008

Video: Flypa 07, the big show!

On April 30th starts the fourth edition of one of the major festivals dedicated to paragliding in Spain, Flypa 08. This event brings together the world elite of aerobatics, sky diving, BASE jump and paramotor, making it one of the most exciting and complete shows in Europe –topped with an interesting program of concerts, night parties and fireworks display in Los Realejos, on the north of Tenerife (Canary). In this video we show you some of the best images of Flypa 07; maybe this year you will want to see it all by yourself!

+Info: www.flypa.es

Posted: April 23rd, 2008

Flight for Life: Paramotors above the Panama channel
On May 3rd of 2008, an international group of Powered Paragliders (PPG) will try to cross from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean flying over the Panama Canal, in Panama (Central America). The objective of the ‘Flight for Life’ expedition is to help raise funds to help a local charity foundation called FANLYC ("Foundation of Friends of the Children with Leukemia and Cancer"). At the same time, it will be the first time that paramotors fly above the Canal and link the two oceans in a non-stop flight. The eight pilots from 5 countries that will take part in this mission will be paying for their own expenses, and all donations and sponsorships will go directly to the FANLYC.

“Local support has been overwhelming from all sides. The Ultralight Association will be escorting the PPG pilots and offering air support. Local authorities are offering ground support and onsite rescue teams. Sponsors for the event have already shown their interest and have started donations”, say at Flight for Life.

The cross will not be free from risks as part of the course will be over water, from Fort Sherman to Gamboa, during the first part of the flight. “If we happen to water-land there the access is very difficult for rescue boats due to the many trees and sticks in the water. It is also a crocodile’s area, so this is the part that we call exciting", says the organizer Remy Swaab.

  • Flight Details
    Estimated Date: Saturday, 3rd of May 2008 (Pending weather conditions)
    Estimated Departure Time: 7:30 am
    Distance: 50 Miles / 80 km (linear)
    Flight Duration: 3 hours (approx)
    Fuel usage in optimal wind conditions: 4 Gal. / 15 lt. (full tank capacity)
    Minimum Altitude permitted: 500 feet / 150 mt

+Info: www.vueloporlavida.org

  • Participating Pilots:
    Andreas Kolb (Germany)
    Jeff Goin (USA)
    Jeff Hamann (USA)
    Leon Massa (Australia)
    Michael O'Daniel (USA)
    Philip Russman (USA)
    Remy Swaab (Panama)
    Tony Lusby (New Zealand)

Posted: April 15th, 2008


Supair Altirando XC
This lightweight harness (3,2 kg) is a new version of the model developed for the X-Alps pilots in 2007 and it is introduced as a true XC harness, lightweight and compact. The Altirando XC is reversible to be used as a rucksack for the complete equipment. It comes with a complete airbag protection and carbon plate for the seat, light auto buckles and Safe-T-Bar, Anti Balance System, 2-steps speed bar and foot stirrup. Available in 2 sizes (M, L).

+Info: www.supair.com/

Sky Excite 2 XC
Excite 2 Comp

These 2 high-performance harnesses share the same base concept and differ only in the use of the speedbag set (attachable) by the EXCITE 2 Comp. The version 2008 of the Excite 2 has improved geometry and trimming, new reserve container, a 12 cm back protection, and new materials. It is available in 3 sizes, offering a total weight of 4,95 kg for the XC version in size M or 6,5 kg for the Comp version with full speed set.

+Info: www.sky-cz.com

The version 2008 of this all-round harness has been redesigned with the new Sky Safety Strap System, new rescue container under the seat board, more adjustment points of the harness, new materials and new look. The Revel 2 comes with 14 cm back protection and offers low weight (4,7 kg in M size) and compact design. It is available in 3 sizes.

+Info: www.sky-cz.com

Posted: April 15th, 2008

N e w- P a r a g l i d e r s

Mac Para Pasha 3
This new tandem glider was designed both for professional and recreational tandem pilots, and offers “very easy” take-off, precise handling, high stability in flight with good speed even when lightly loaded, and “great landing behaviour”, according to Mac Para. The Pasha 3 is an elliptical canopy with 54 cells and flat aspect ratio of 5.35. It is available in sizes 38 m2 certified EN-B (120-195 kg) and 42 m2 (145-220 kg).

+Info: www.macpara.com

Advance BiBeta 4
The new tandem glider from the Swiss manufacturer is an “efficient” and “robust” model, equipped with new big ears kit with ‘Vary-Grip-System’, trimmers, brake handles with aluminium bars, spreaders adjustable for height and improved line geometry. The size 42 is already in production (weight range 135-225 kg) certified LTF1-2, and size 38 will follow soon. Aspect ratio is 5,2 and top speed is up to 47 k/h (+/-3k/h).

+Info: www.advance.ch

Ozone RUSH 2
The new advanced LTF 1-2 model from Ozone comes with increased glide performance and in-flight comfort over the original Rush. Designed for long XC flights, the Rush 2 features the same “ultra-smooth and easy speed system from the Mantra M2 and Addict 2” according to Ozone. It has an aspect ratio of 5,4 and “noticeable” increased trim speed. The Rush 2 is also certified EN-B in sizes S, M and L (XS and XL will follow).

+Info: www.flyozone.com

The new Mistral is in the mid-range of the DHV/LTF 1-2 classification regarding safety, and it offers better performance and higher aspect ratio (5,4) compared to its predecessor. According to Swing, it has balanced, direct and lively handling, and “symmetrical and sporty design”. Trim speed is quoted at 38 k/h, and top speed at around 50 k/h. Available in 5 sizes certified LTF 1-2 and EN-B (except size 30, due for end of April).

+Info: www.swing.de


Pro Design Cuga
Passive safety, convenient handling and easiest launch behaviour are the main qualities of this entry level wing, according to the manufacturer. The Cuga is a light-weight glider (4,8 kg for size 75) with small packing, an aspect ratio of 4,69 and speed range from 22 to 46 k/h (+/-2k/h). It is available in 4 sizes. Certification EN and LTF in progress.

+Info: www.pro-design.at

Nova Mentor
The successor of the Mamboo is now certified LTF1-2 in its 4 sizes, with “remarkable” advantage in performance and improved handling, according to Nova. The Mentor is a high performance wing in its class for regularly flying pilots, offering a high level of safety. The glider comes with thin risers with a Dyneema inlet and it is made of a lighter cloth (Porcher 45g/sqm on the top surface, 40g/sqm on the bottom surface) with smaller reinforcements, to keep the weight low.

+Info: www.nova-wings.com


Posted: April 8th, 2008

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February 27, 2009

+News in our previous Archive (March 2008): 2nd European Paramotor Safety Seminar, Chrigel Maurer beats record of Infinity Tumbling: 155!, Flypa 08, the big show of spring!, PARA-TEST working on EN testing system for paramotor gliders, New Fly Products paramotor Max 130 & Max 100, New Clemente 4-stroke paramotor, New Airfer Trike 'Mustang', PMA and LTF: Paraglider manufacturers aim at standardizing certification, Basse Ham Paramotor World Convention 2008, N e w- P a r a g l i d e r s, Pre-Worlds of Mexico: The Valic’s sweep off!, Las Candelas grows big on its 12th anniversary, 6 Tasks on Monarca Paragliding Cup, Play Gravity DVD, Olivair: Rent a paramotor and fly in sunny Spain!, First contact with new KobraPPG paramotor, PAP: NEW ALUMINUM ARMS. Video: Paramotoring over the great wall, Las Candelas 2008: PPG, fire & Carnival!, New South Africa Ladies Record, Free Calendar 2008 at Theflyingeye Shop!

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