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Archive Nº6: News before December 2003

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Posted: November 16th, 2003

Achim Joos is PWC Champion 2003:

After 5 tasks that brought some surprises to the final of the PWC, the German pilot Achim Joos became the winner of this year’s Championship, with the Swiss Stephan Morgenthaler in 2nd place and Alex Hofer in 3rd. Petra Krausova became the female champion, once again. Hofer leaded the PWC tour 2003 until La Reunion, where he had a couple of bad tasks and ended 56th in the overall results, losing his first place on the final PWC podium.

The conditions in the French island proved to be sometimes tricky, especially when the sun was not heating the competitors tracks, which made it for an interesting competition, where anything could happen. This 5th and last event of the PWC 2003, with 75 competitors, was won by ex world champion Jimmy Pacher (IT, Gin Boomerang III), followed by Norman Lausch (DE, Gin Boom III) and Bruce Goldsmith (UK, Airwave Proto). Lausch was the winner of the last task of the PWC 2003, a fast race of 38,4 km with 8 turnpoints, flown under beautiful conditions that allowed 43 pilots to reach goal. In women, Elisabeth Rauchenberger (CH, Gin Boom III) was the winner, with Carol Licini (CH, Gin Bool III) in 2nd place and Caroline Brille (FR, Advance Omega 6) in 3rd.

The dates and places for next year’s Paragliding World Cup tour will be defined soon, and the information published in the official PWC site:

New Tandem World Record:

For each pilot of the expedition it was a unique experience, they all broke their personal records and had the chance to launch at amazing times of the morning, between 8:30 and 9 am, reaching cloudbase only 15 minutes later. However, they did not enjoy any classic day and so they are already thinking of “Nordeste 2004” to explore the region even further.

From Brazil, Claudia sent us her interesting story of the adventure: READ it here!


Posted: November 10th, 2003

300 km over northeastern Brazil!

Andre Fleury was not satisfied with his 283 km flight and his new record to goal of 275 km in tandem (Oct. 8th), so he kept on trying until he could fly 299,47 km and set the new world distance record in tandem, on October 17th, only 9 days after his previous record. He and 6 other pilots were part of the record-hunter expedition “Nordeste 2003” organized by the Brazilian factory Sol Paragliders in the northeastern region of Brazil, near the city of Patu. On the 17th, Andre and his passenger Claudia Ribeiro (a hanglider pilot) took off at 9 in the morning, finding thermals of +5 m/s and cloudbase at 1200m over launch! During part of the flight, he and Claudia had other pilots of the expedition near them, like Christian who landed by km 190 and Fernando who followed them up to km 112. They finally landed at Independencia (Ceara) breaking the previous official tandem record of 220 km, achieved by Richard Westgate (UK) also in Brazil (Quixada).

Andre and Claudia flew in a Kangaroo II, a proto tandem specially developed for this record attempt and based in the Eclipse, Sol’s perfo model. “It was the best experience of my life, we flew a total of 860 km overall and I never felt threatened or afraid. The guy is a real bird, who flies knowing exactly what he’s doing. Thank you very much Andre, I learnt a lot!” says Claudia.

Details of the flights made by the 7 pilots of “Nordeste 2003” during the month spent at Patu (many of them longer than 180 km) can be seen in their website:

Firebird Brake Handles

Many Acro pilots add a small bar to their handles so they can have a better control during the manoeuvres. Firebird likes Acro so it’s no surprise they designed these handles, with an optional light alloy bar “to ease circulation to a higher level, as well as being the perfect grip to perform Acro”. The bar weights only 63 grams and you can easily add or remove it without undoing the brake lines. The handles are made of neoprene that “sits comfortably around the back of the wrist keeping strain away from the fingers”, to avoid the usual problems with circulation after long flights.


Posted: October 30, 2003

Gin Rescue Parachute

This new rescue system “One G”, is based on the Pull Down Apex design and uses a new strap system that links each panel for a quicker opening time. According to the manufacturer, the One G #42 opens in 3.4 seconds and the #38 in 2.9 seconds. They also claim that it is much more stable “with an incredible sink rate”. It is also lighter than other parachutes, with 2,1 kg for the One G #38 (weight range 80-100 kg), and 2,4 kg for the #42 (weight range 100-130 kg). CEN certified.

For this cold season, Gin has released a Polar Fleece Jacket 2004 designed by Ex. World Champion Hans Bollinger, and cut to fit “perfectly” when you are paragliding. It has a special Lycra sleeve insert to keep your hands warm and comfortable, and it’s available in sizes from XS to XL.



Posted: October 30, 2003

Trekking Backpack

This new glider bag has been specially designed with the traveller pilots in mind. It is reinforced at the bottom and all the straps of shoulders and ventral can line up in a zippered compartment, for an easier transport in a plane trip. It is equipped with a broad zipper on the lower part, which makes it possible for quick arrangements inside, and also to place a tandem glider with its 2 seats. It will come with all the Trekking gliders in 2004, and it can also be ordered separately, although it’s not very cheap…


Posted: October 30, 2003

Powered Paragliding:
450 km in Saudi Arabia

Ahmed Al zahraniI is one of the 25 paramotor pilots in Saudi Arabia, and one of his dreams since he started flying was to cross his country in one flight. On September 26th, he took off from Dammam at 8 in the morning, to make the dream come true. It was Saudi’s national day, and the news of his record attempt attracted a lot of people and media to the launch. Ahmed was under some pressure, but he found good conditions with a slight back wind that helped him to fly for 450 km to the city of Riydh, where he landed at 6:10 pm in a football stadium filled with people waiting for him.

“My speed was some times 40 km/h, some times 15 km/h. There were police cars with me all the way and the weather was excellent. I am vary happy for the record!” says Ahmed, after being in the front covers of all the national newspapers for one day.

For this flight, he used his Advance Alpha 3 paraglider, and a paramotor from the Spanish manufacturer H-E with a spare fuel tank of 35 litres.

Ahmed is also a member of the European Paramotoring Team (Paraddax), a professional team of PPG pilots –most of them Spaniards and French- that offers aerial shows with fireworks, stunts, and fantasy performances.

Posted: October 20, 2003


News in previous Archive: Safety notes - Aerodyne Risers, Advance BiBeta2, Firebird Matrix M; Hunting records in Brazil; CompeGPS for Pocket PC; Online video of 'Vertigo'; Gin DVD "Go Further". Click here to go!

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