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The 15th edition of Las Candelas at the end of January enjoyed good weather for flying on the two days and a relax ambiance to appreciate the products on display at the big fair, which has grown to accommodate vendors and public. We had the impression that this year there were fewer people, or the largest tent seemed not as full as in previous years. Inside, about 20 professionals, including manufacturers of paramotor and engines and dealers of equipment or services for flight, offered their new products. Like every year, "candelas" and "sopaipas" livened up one of the most special nights in the Andalusian village of La Puebla de los Infantes.

This year, many of the manufacturers had demo paramotors available for the pilots to try them, which translated in a constant flow of people coming and going with the latest units on their backs and the will to let themselves be impressed in the air. We also had the chance to test fly a few of them for

On this edition of Las Candelas there were many interesting new products, like the electric paramotor being developed by Paracell –Javier Hernandez’s brand for this project – together with Airfer, and expected to hit the market this spring. PAP are working on their electric unit as well, still under development. We also saw the new Bailey lightweight 4-stroke engine (see right column) and the Vittorazi Moster 185 with thrust similar to a 200. And the light paramotors from Pap and Airfer, of around 20 kg of weight, or the new helmet manufactured by Nac Intercom. The veteran French brand Adventure was also present exposing their paramotors and tandem paratrike.

Airfer was the manufacturer that presented more new models this time, not only the electric paramotor project –which we saw flying with its creator Javier Hernandez and that seems like a viable option- but also a few new paratrikes and paramotors.

Yumbo is a new tandem trike with floating harnesses, which reminds of the Fly Products Eco 2 but with Airfer’s distinct chassis and suspension. It weighs 92 kg powered by a Rotax 503 engine. We found many interesting details like the aluminum rims on the wheels, new rest foot on front, and a more elegant appearance in general. The Yumbo has a light version called Diamond (with harness and no engine: 30 kg) ready for attaching a powerful paramotor, for occasional tandem flights or solo flying.

Also new is the Airfer lightweight paramotor, a unit for big pilots with a 1.40m frame and 125cm propeller. The Airfer TOP 80 SL ('Super Light'), equipped with Top 80 engine has a detachable frame -Miniplane type- with aluminum rods. It also comes with new swing arms of Duralumin 7075 specially designed for this model. Their main advantage is that they include no moving parts like shackles, and now the suspension tapes connect directly to each arm (see picture above). This system helps to improve security as it is easier to check that everything’s on the right place and, of course, reduce weight - a priority in this model that has a total weight of 21 kg.

The electric paramotor Paracell-Airfer we saw in Las Candelas is mounted on a stainless steel structure and weighs 30 Kg. It has a Brushless Plettemberg engine with a continuous power of 10,000w and peaks of 15,000w. It has a reduction gear that allows 7,000 rpm maximum. The battery weighs 16 Kg including container and case. It is a 14S Lipo type battery with voltage of 51.8V with 54Ah (2800Wh). The throttle control is "scalextric" type, incorporating a screen with information and access to the main functions.

Pap Team
PAP had a small booth where the new engines and full range of paramotors were on display, including the new lightweight RM80 (20 kg) specially aimed at women. We had the opportunity to fly the PA125, perhaps the most universal of their engines. We tested the one with large frame and 125 cm propeller and we were pleasantly surprised with the almost electric feeling of the throttle. Its 125cc offer 22HP and 64 Kg of thrust at 9.580 RPM, according to the manufacturer.
*We'll soon post our report on the PAP PA125.

Although we did not fly it, the light Pap motor (RM80) was one of the most popular for trying at Las Candelas, and we saw top pilot Emilia Plak, Mathieu Rouanet and Ramon Morillas flying with it. This unit comes with the house’s RM80 engine and a small 120cm aluminum frame with 108 cm propeller. It starts superbly with Pap’s primer system, even cold. The RM80 is especially designed to encourage the growing segment of female pilots, with a recommended pilot weight of 50 to 65 kg. The unit weights between 20 and 21 kg, depending on the harness size and fuel tank (5-9Lt).

Vittorazi Moster 185cc
Another interesting piece of gear we had the opportunity to test in the air was the new engine from the Italian manufacturer, of 185cc and mounted on a Volo-Volare aluminum frame. The Moster surprised us for its high power and the delivery of it. The throttle touch is progressive and smooth. Vittorazi claims 25 HP at 7,800 RPM.
*We'll soon post our report on the Moster 185.

Dani Martinez almost doubled himself so that he could be in Las Candelas and also arrive on time to participate in the Challenge 400 that started from his "home" in Beas de Segura (Jaen). Arturo Barcena took care of Olivair’s stand and also was the tandem pilot for the D-Bag jumps and skydivers.
At their impressive stand, the most attractive of the fair, we could see the entire range of products they deal with, like the Fly Products paratrikes: the Eco 2 and the Flash, pioneers of the floating system of seats.

They also had the reference lightweight paramotor, the Miniplane from Per Il Volo, of only 18.8 Kg!

Mathieu flying the new Ozone Speedster and Emilia Plak on her Paramania Fusion.

There were several RR wings flying. Their creator, Raul Rodriguez, was doing his tricks with the Rolling, the new intermediate certified EN C and oriented to freestyle and 'light' acro

Parabuggy introduced a new big and strong tandem paratrike powered by a 4 stroke engine with a power kit and a 160cm propeller, which offers 100 Kg of thrust. Antonio, head of Parabuggy, says that it is very stable and easy to fly. They also had on display the Parabuggy Quattro, which comes equipped with the bicylindrical V engine from Briggs & Stratton.

The Madrid manufacturer of paragliders and engines, H-E, presented their renewed R range. Above we can see the R220 Duo with the cylinder head up or down.
The R120 offers new look and, like its little brother R80, improved performance, according to H-E. They have a distinct red finish for the reduction gear.

Angel Javier Carrasco of Vuelamas, ready for takeoff with a reporter.

Arturo Barcena landing Olivair’s Fly Products ECO 2 after releasing Paquillo Guerra from a D-Bag


Jason Whitehead, like in previous years, was the first to take off on Saturday morning. He took to the sky as soon as the fog cleared.

Bailey V5
This was the first paramotor we tried before the expectant eyes of its creator, Paul Bailey. The engine is narrower than the V4 and with Bailey’s frame sits comfortably close to the back so its 27.5 Kg are easy to carry. The V5 delivers 20.5 HP which transform into about 60 Kg of thrust, enough for a 100 kg pilot to enjoy flying with a reflex glider. The best: the delivery of power and smooth running.
*We'll soon post our report of the Bailey V5 with more details.

The Bailey V5 195cc is a 4-stroke engine that is not heavy and has a thrust similar to a 120cc 2-stroke, making it suitable for pilots of different weights.

Good feelings between manufacturers: Pierre from Pap chats with Paul Bailey after flying his new V5 with an ITV Lapoon 18m wing. Looking at Pierre’s smile, it seems that he enjoyed it.

Nac Intercom introduced a new helmet of their own design. The Galician manufacturer of in-flight communication systems used helmets from other brands until now, but this new release (no name yet) comes with a few remarkable features and, above all, a new "look". The helmet weighs in some 600 grams, it is EN 966 certified and it is suitable for flying. The inner cover is removable and washable. It has airing openings and optional visor. The series helmets come in carbon and glistening gray finishes, sizes ranging from XS to XL, and all details will be soon on Nac’s website.

The front gear of the Airfer Yumbo incorporates aluminum wheel and new footrest.

Pap’s electric paramotor was flying and seems to work well; at the moment it produces 53 Kg of thrust allowing a 70kg pilot to fly for about 25 minutes. The electric engine weights only 4 Kg., to which is added the wiring, sensors, electronics, propeller, chassis, and the battery that weighs 13 Kg. In total, the paramotor makes 25 Kg. and it takes a couple of hours to fully charge the battery.
For the moment Pap will not release this paramotor, they are working on incorporating a 40 amp battery to get autonomy of 45 minutes.

The PA125 is comfortable to carry on your back, it has a good thrust and a fine feeling at the throttle.

Bluenac 3000

Adventure’s swing arms allow for body shifting but still keeping good stability, similar to that with high hangpoint.

Octavio from Tenerife tried everything to make the most of his trip... here he comes after flying with the Vittorazi Moster 185 by Volo Volare.

At the centre of the big tent, the bar was the busiest place...

A C2 tuned with leds; cheers for that!

At the stand of Kasana we saw all kinds of accessories for flying. The new heated gloves certainly called the attention.

At the PXP stand we could see part of the range of this manufacturer from Granada, where the dazzling engine Polini Thor stood out. This engine is very compact and has impressive finishes; its 110cc offer 20 HP at 8,900 rpm, which makes it very versatile and interesting for pilots of a wide range of weight.

The range of gauges for paramotor drew our attention, especially the "Kit Total Paramotor Control", suitable for 2 or 4 strokes, that gives you rpms, out and cylinder head temperature, voltmeter, temperature alarm… an interesting little device to optimize the performance of our engines.


The Andalusian manufacturer displayed their range, one of the most complete incorporating almost all the current engines: Raket, Snap, Bailey, Simonini and Polini Thor.

But what caught most attention at the Clemente stand was certainly the Secure Land BMW, a big paratrike equipped with a powerful engine BMW boxer with more than 100 HP.

Adventure cares for details; in the picture we can see how the throttle control is "inserted" in the cage.

The RR Acrowings family: Barbi, Raul and Ivan.
Customize your glider is the slogan of this small company that was offering a new "product" in Las Candelas: ripstop patches with different logos for repairing with style small tears in your glider.

They work with printable adhesive ripstop that can label almost anything on a paraglider; no more big black letters!
In this stand we also saw the poster of the Orduña Paragliding Festival 2011, an event focused on flying and enjoying in a ‘family’ ambiance.

The organization installed an inflatable castle to keep children entertained.

Kobra presented two paratrikes: a single-seater with upper bars and extra wide wheels to run on beaches and irregular terrain, and a tandem designed to equip a powerful Simonini engine. The aim was to make it compact and easy to disassemble and transport it.

We also saw a 4-stroke "prototype" based on an Honda engine, which at Kobra promise that “will revolutionize the market”.

Pakillo Guerra offered an acro display after a D-Bag jump.


Pedro from Kasana flew Raul Rodriguez up to 800m on a paratrike Airfer C2 for a free fall jump.

Another facet of the outstanding Spanish acrobat, this time enjoying skydiving.

Paratrike Splash in las Candelas. Photos: Andrés Monterroso Prieto
During this edition of "Las Candelas" we saw few incidents and none with consequences (only for the pilots’ pride...): This paratrike water ‘landing’ with quick rescue and a mid-air crash of two tandem trikes which resulted in one huge tear on one of the paragliders –they could still land safe and sound though!



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