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Cabecera Altirando 2RS

Ground handling is remarkable with the Altirando 2RS; you hardly notice the harness on your back, making it perfect to play on takeoff, doing inflations and tricks. The only downside is that the airbag does not look too 'cool' when it is not inflated. Thankfully, as soon as you are airborne it inflates making a beautiful shape that ends in a fairing behind your head –a rather sporty look for a harness with Airbag. It shows a great construction work, with smart details, cutting-edge materials, and good solutions that include zippers, clips, straps, pockets, etc.

Altirando 2RSAltirando 2RS
Light aluminum buckles for the leg straps
On an assymetrick tuck it is easy to weight-shift to counteract for a quick reopening.

In "backpack" mode it is large; all your gear will fit in smoothly, and it is also comfortable to walk with thanks to a good design, layout, and good padding on shoulders, back and waist.
The Altirando 2 RS is a well thought out product that reflects the evolution of Supair, and it will satisfy many sport pilots who enjoy walking and flying, or who simply wish to have a compact and lightweight gear to gain mobility.

Altirando 2RS

The geometry of the 2RS is classical and efficient; you can control four aspects: backrest support, shoulder pads, chest straps, and seat-board. I adjusted the back a little and went out to fly: perfect flying position, from seated to semi-supine; you are always comfortable and well embraced by the harness.

Altirando 2RSAltirando 2RS


The 2013-14 range of the veteran French manufacturer of paragliding harnesses and accessories, Supair, came with fresh designs, more modern lines and new solutions. From it, we test-flew the Altirando2 RS and confirmed that this lightweight, reversible harness (3.9 Kg) is made for action, with a sporty touch and very good sensations in flight.

Supair Altirando 2RS

On the first flight I did not install the stirrup, but still felt comfortable and tuned with the gear, practicing active weight-shifting with a little peculiar glider: as I did not have a free-flight wing available I used a Powerplay Scorpio 26, an intermediate-advanced reflex wing for paramotoring, which behaved as an advanced free-flight one, calling for active piloting both at the controls and with the harness. While I was fooling by take-off to take pictures a strong thermal gust collapsed 50% of the glider; it was an explosive asymmetric collapse but the response of the paraglider-harness unit was good, with no problem to counteract, and immediate reopening.

Altirando 2RS
On the ground you really appreciate the low weight of the harness, which makes moving on the take-off so easy.

Altirando 2RS

Materials: special Ripstop Dyneema® fabric. Cordura light. 420 D Diamond Ripstop polyamide.
Harken pulleys for the speed bar, Safe-T-bar system, automatic aluminium buckles of 25mm, ABS system, integrated reserve container under the seat, pre-equipped for ventral parachute container.
In harness mode it has an inside pocket between the main backrest and the airbag inside, and a side pocket on the left side.
In backpack mode it has capacity of 90 litres, with compression straps, side mesh pockets, and a couple of small pockets with zipper on the waist strap.
Certification: EN 1651 y LTF.

For whom
I would say that the Altirando 2RS is aimed at all types of pilots, from those who are progressing in their flights to expert conservative pilots who seek the comfort of a lightweight reversible harness and the safety of a full airbag, without having to sacrifice performance and sensations. We will surely see all kind of pilots flying with the Altirando 2RS since this harness also sports Supair's attractive new look.

This reversible harness-backpack is not intended to be lightweight and minimalist. It is light but broad and strong; the backpack can carry a conventional flying gear, it is well-padded on the shoulders and waist, and it can be well compressed and compacted. With it you can move quite easily with your equipment whether on foot, by car or by plane.
As a harness it confirms its sportive inclination: it handles well on the ground and offers good scope for dynamic and consistent piloting, both for recreational flights and thermal or even freestyle flying.

The +: Sport piloting; construction and details.
The -: Somewhat flabby look before take-off.

Test by Daniel Crespo,
Daniel is a long time pilot and competitor both in Paragliding & Paramotor.

Posted: January 14th, 2014

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