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Cabecera ITV Boxer


Different loads, varying dynamics
Flying on foot with 140 Kg we found a docile, dampened and easy to fly wing, almost like a school glider. Inflation is very gradual and the glider has a strong tendency to stay on the vertical. The turn is not spicy, asking for long brake travel and weightshifting.
On paratrike we flew the Boxer GT with almost 170Kg, 20 above the maximum range; the Boxer GT gains nerve and offers a more direct and sportive response, keeping long and progressive brake travel.

ITV Boxer GT

Performance improvements
The GT is a Boxer with higher aspect ratio: 5.16 compared to 4.88. Design and settings are aimed to a wing with more performance and maneuverability. The glider is clearly finer, and the first thing we noticed is that the lift is improved. When I flew it foot-launched there was nil wind so I had to do a good run, but once the glider was overhead I just needed a touch of throttle of the Thor 250 to get airborne in two steps.

ITV Boxer GT

Lamb in a Wolf's skin
The ‘GT’ last name is perhaps too showy for a glider to start in the sportive type of flight with stability and security. If you want to see it flying in "GT mode" you will have to go over the weights recommended by the manufacturer. It really is a great glider for recreational flights, raids and navigations, and it is also interesting for your first freestyle and slalom attempts.
More experienced pilots should aim at the ITV Fury, a more advanced glider flown by French pilot Fred Mallard to win the Slalom World Championship 2014 on paratrike, which should be released this winter.

ITV Boxer GT

Construction and materials
The Boxer GT has rods in the leading edge and a clean shape. It is a 3-line design, with thin risers and a trimmer of average travel that works efficiently. The trailing edge has a pleat system for a clean brake line. The sail fabric is Domicotex, 40grm2 for the outer sail and 35 g/m2 for the inner sail. The lower lines are Aramid 2.4mm, and 1.6mm for the upper ones.

ITV Boxer GT

For whom
Pilots looking for something sportier than the Boxer but still docile and manageable will find the Boxer GT very nice to fly: takeoffs are almost guaranteed, and it has high stability in flight. Pilots who like cross country flights and navigations will find the Boxer GT speeds and performance very interesting. The trimmers and speed bar are easy to use and allow you to exploit all the performance of the wing.

ITV Boxer vs Boxer GT
The GT is without a doubt a more refined Boxer: Higher aspect ratio, more developed wing tips, less chord, and thinner cells, give the glider a more "sporty" touch as well as better performance. Both wings are constructed with the same materials.

The +: An easy and fun paramotor wing.
The -: Big, robust rucksack but rather austere.

ITV Boxer GT technical data
Size S M L XL
Cells 46
Flat area m2 22,9 25,1 28 31
Span 10,89 11,4 12,1 12,7
Aspect ratio 5,18 5,18 5,18 5,18
Chord 2.10 2.20 2.33 2.45
Weight range (kg) 65-85 80-100 95-120 110-150
Maximum extended weight (kg) 113 130 150 180
Minimum sink-rate 1,1 m/sec
Trim speed 39 Km/h
Top speed 55 Km/h
Upper surface Dominicotex 40 g/m2
Lower surface Dominicotex 35g/m2
Upper lines Aramida 160
Lower lines Aramida 240
Certification DGAC DGAC /
Manufacturer's retail price 2.990€

The French manufacturer developed this evolution of their beginner’s EN A model Boxer, aiming at the widest segment of paramotor pilots: those who are progressing in flight and look for a wing with big range of speeds and agile, that also offers a high level of safety. Thus, the Boxer GT comes with higher aspect ratio and a new design that includes rods in the leading edge. In flight, it offers more advanced performance and great stability along with ease of use, as we found in our tests flying the L size of 28m2, for a range of 120 to 150 Kg - total load in flight.

ITV Boxer GT

ITV Boxer GT

Easy, forgiving inflation

When it comes to inflate it, the GT shows almost the same level of ease of the Boxer: the wing rises progressively, it is not brusque and does not tend to stay behind. I think that even newbies will be able to fly off at the first attempt. The GT only asks that we push the risers symmetrically and with decision. It goes up well even using the flow from the paramotor.

ITV Boxer GT

Speeding it up
In the air, the GT moves smoothly and solid; we notice the semi-reflex profile in the inner pressure and the way it absorbs turbulence. The glider invites to fly fast and it shows a clear gain in speed compared to the Boxer: Trim speed can be kept on 40 km/h; if we open the trimmers we gain about 7 Km/h, going up to 47 km/h effortlessly. We can also help with the trimmer to counteract the drift and keep the course when necessary.
Using the speed system, short and direct, we can reach 57 Km/h. The Boxer GT keeps a good angle of attack and munches kilometers smoothly, with a sensation of good pressure, and minimum effort from the powerful Thor 250 engine.

ITV Boxer GT

The Boxer GT is a semi-reflex intermediate glider for progression. Certified EN B, it is easy to fly and offers a good range of speeds to navigate. It has a simple and versatile design, aimed at the widest range of pilots.

*Watch our video tutorial 'Paratrike reverse launch technique' above, featuring the Boxer GT.

ITV Boxer

ITV Boxer GT color range
Colores ITV Boxer

+ Info:

*Review by Daniel Crespo
Daniel is a long time pilot and competitor
both in Paragliding & Paramotor

Posted: January 04, 2015.

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