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Test Rolling

Carrying on behind the wake of the powerful Ros 125 seemed difficult, however, for Pierre Aubert and his team it is not impossible: the new PA125 is a bit more powerful, has a linear power curve and the throttle feels almost electric.
Fitted to the large frame of 1400cm with 125cm 2-blade carbon propeller, the PA125 produces 64 Kg of thrust, according to the manufacturer. The sensation of power is good and enough to fly with Mac Para’s reflex wing, the MacJet of 29 m2, with which I did my test flight.

Paramotor of reference
The PA125 is, perhaps, the most universal PAP model, suitable for light, medium and heavy pilots. This is a perfect sport paramotor for pilots of 100 Kg that want to enjoy a good level of power with the extra security provided by the centrifugal clutch.


The engine has 125cc and offers 22 HP at 9.580 RPM. The crankcase and the reduction gear are machined aluminum with a coppery tone that makes for a smart look. The cylinder is covered by a fiber case through which passes the cooling forced air.
This paramotor has a true ‘retro’ look: like in a Harley-Davidson bike, PAP avoids plastic and bets for steel in sight; an attractive set with the frame as main subject, and a reference that will probably set trends.
What I like the least (a question of taste…) is the exhaust system; it works well and has an almost electric sound, but it looks somewhat simple compared to the engine and the rest of the paramotor.

At work.
After priming it, the engine started at the third attempt. Idling is very stable and, at those RPM, the noise is minimum and manageable.
After heating it and preparing myself I set to fly. The power comes as a lightning; the touch of the gas is lively and very direct. This engine revs up quickly and it is fun for chaining turns with the glider at full speed.
The climb rate is 1.2 m/sec, loaded with 135 Kg on the MacJet.

What really seduces you of this paramotor is the whole. The cage of 140cm, with double hoop divisible into 3 parts, is solved in a superb way with attractive curves and a good level of robustness thanks to the use of pieces of titanium in key points.
The centre of gravity is adjusted to the back with 27.5 Kg of solid weight. It is a good-looking paramotor, where we noticed the PAP touch and their care for details.
The Supair harness has structural improvements; in flight it is comfortable and functional, making easy to sit after take-off. I tested this PAP with the M size of harness, and I was surprised to feel comfortable in it with my 1.89m and 97 kg. Ramón Morillas (an S size of pilot) flew the same paramotor and we only had to adjust the shoulder straps. I suppose that if I had flown it with a harness of my size I’d have enjoyed it even more.



Posted: March 3rd, 2011

C-pilot pro

We test flew the PAP PA125 with a carbon 2-blade propeller of 125 cm. A large size of paramotor, functional and comfortable to fly for big pilots of up to about 110 kg.

On the ground it is simple to manage, the engine is very close to the back of the pilot and the harness can be well adjusted, allowing you to move with some ease when reverse-inflating or ground handling the wing.

Video: What's new in Las Candelas 2011
Here you will see and hear the PAP PA125 in action:

The + :
General look; almost electric running of the engine. Handling.

The - :
Exhaust not as brilliant as the rest of the set.

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Review by Daniel Crespo
Daniel is a paragliding & paramotor pilot and competitor.
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