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Horacio Llorens challenged cold and difficulties to capture unique images flying on paramotor under the northern lights in Noruega. Photo: Frode Sandbech/Red Bull Content Pool

Test de parapente ITV Billy Test parapente Trango XC 3
Test de parapente Swing Sensis Paraglider review K23 review boxer gt
Test de motor: Polini Thor 200 Test de motor: Vittorazi Moster 185

Test Gradient Bigolden 3
Review parapente de paramotor Pitbull RX


Article: Paraglider Lines, a major achievement
In the last years the materials of our gliders have undergone incredible developments. In this article, the author will take you along the process of manufacturing the lines that allow us to safely hang from our gliders, and you'll also learn how to care for them so they last longer. Article Paraglider Lines, READ!

Caribbean XC Challenge 2007, Dominican Republic:
A "stress-free" competition focused on learning and enjoying XC flying that was a big success. In this article we tell you in detail what was unique about this comp, and why everybody liked it, with dozens of pictures to show you some of the beauty of the D. R., a country worth visiting. Article: Caribbean XC, READ!

Interview with Jean Baptiste Chandelier



Interview to Mike Campbell-Jones, ‘father’ of the reflex wings: With a vast career as aircraft designer, the founder of Paramania gliders has open a world of possibilities for Paramotor flying thanks to the introduction of reflex technology in paragliders designed to fly under power. Read his ideas about PPG flying & design, and why reflex wings are faster and more stable, in this interview.

Paraglider cloth, an intriguing yarn from beginning to end: Ever wondered how our gliders sails are made? Steve Uzochukwu invites you to follow the whole process since the first roll of thread enters the factory.
READ a full report about the
manufacture of Porcher cloth for paragliders, click here!

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