Chilean professional journalist, her desire for knowing new places and experiences has led her to travel thousands of world km., through 4 continents, dragging behind her paraglider or just a small backpack. While in her home country, she developed her career in TV news and production, and institutional journalism (PR). Claudia started flying in 1995 and though she never found competition appealing, in 1997 she decided to move to Iquique (northern Chile) one of the best sites for free-flying in the world, where she lived for 3 years. In 2000, Claudia decided to move again, this time to Spain, where she originally planned to develop post-degree studies in Literature. Soon after, however, she got involved in journalistic work for PG specialized media, which allowed her to combine her profession with her favorite sport, paragliding, and also with her other passion: travelling. She is still settled in Spain, where she parts her time among writing, doing translations English - Spanish for some PG companies, preparing some audiovisual projects in OjoVolador, and flying. She is in charge of the Communication department of OjoVolador.
Born in Venezuela and living in Spain since 1994, Daniel studied Graphic Design with specialization in Design for Television. His career in a renowned TV company in Caracas was suddenly interrupted by the discovery of paragliding in 1993, when he decided to dedicate his time and effort to professional paragliding. Soon after, he was ranked one of the Top world pilots, and in 1998 he founded the Safety ACRO Team with other PG pilots interested in aerobatics. With the SAT Team, Daniel directed 3 successful Acro videos: "The Manoeuvre", "The New Era Voyage" and "SAT Republic". From his passion for free-flight, Daniel has directed his artistic skills to the flying world, designing posters, T-shirts and logos for various championships, events and companies related to this sport. He has also been a collaborator for different specialized media, like 'Cross-Country Mag', 'Parapente-Vuelo Libre' magazine or web-based magazine "". At present, he is dedicated to audiovisual design and communication through OjoVolador, and flies every time he has the chance.
Claudia Riquelme López
Daniel Crespo Valdéz ('Pana')

* For the specific projects we undertake, we count on specialized and skilful professionals who bring their creativity and abilities to our work in communication, design & audiovisual production.

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