Ojovolador, a long awaited project

Some years ago, Ojovolador (‘flyingeye’) was just an idea. For a long time, we had been dedicated to paragliding, competitions, journalism, travelling, and audiovisual design. We had been searching for adventures. We had ideas. But time had to do its share to make this project come true. Communication, design, ideas… and a flying vision. This is what Ojovolador is about.

OjoVolador started as a day-dream for the graphic designer and paragliding pilot, Daniel Crespo: a project of multimedia creation that could include video production, design and communication, all in relation to the free-flight. A particular way to look and show: aerial, stylish.

His idea was to integrate his vision as a free flight pilot with all the creativeness and technical abilities he developed in his first audiovisual production, with the Safety ACRO Team (SAT), and then add up other projects or just crazy ideas, letting imagination fly. As a matter of fact, in the first SAT video ('The Manoeuvre') the logo of OjoVolador appears for the first time, closing the credits at the end. It was year 2000. OjoVolador, however, remained waiting for its materialization into something more concrete.

Back then; Daniel Crespo was a collaborator for the paragliding magazine "Cross-Country Latino", a Spanish version of "XC mag" (edited in the UK). The director of this magazine proposed Daniel to unite his OjoVolador project to the mag, so she could have an independent media under the name "Ojo Volador". That is how OjoVolador magazine was born. Daniel Crespo's hand can be seen in the front-covers designs and the editing of some articles, although he did not have commercial participation in the venture. Unfortunately, the magazine closed down by the end of 2001, after releasing 4 issues, and the original Ojo Volador project of a multimedia creation area was parked once again.

Until now.

We have recovered the original concept of this Flying Eye (OjoVolador): a space for creation and services, where design, style, originality and different ways of communicating can have their place, from writing to audiovisual, graphic, informatics or artistic communication. An imaginative zone and a place for creation, where we can also help promote other proposals.

A different look. Yours? And anything else that may come to our minds…


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