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In this section you will find our reading material about paragliding / paramotor: Articles, reviews, stories and our news pages.

Las Candellas 2008 Paramotor Meeting in La Puebla de Los Infantes, Sevilla, Spain.
Ramon Morillas prepares PPG record flight over the sea, from Spain to Canary. 1105 km!
The Ozone Caribbean XC Challenge 2007 - a "stress-free" comp
Paraglider Lines - everything you should know about them! by Steve Uzochukwu
Paragliding Festival of Los Realejos 'FLYPA 06'
Paramotor Europeans 2006
9th Paragliding Europeans 2006
The 1st Challenge Island of La Palma - full report of the Final Phase (Oct 2005)

The Bleriot Cup, Brits v/s French - A story about team work, by Neil Roberts (Oct. 2005).
· Paraglider Cloth, an intriguing yarn from beginning to end (by Steve Uzochukwu)
· Chamonix, flying the Mont Blanc - A photo report, by Matt Gerdes
Pre-Europeans 2005 in Morzine-Avoriaz/Les Gets, France (June) - A photo report
Ringing in the new CEN - A day out with Aerotests (by Steve Uzochukwu / June 2005)
Dominican Republic in images - a great PG destination in the Caribbean
· Cuba: Paragliding in Havana city (May 2004)
St Hilaire 2004 - As good as ever! (Sept. 2004)
· St Hilaire 2004 - Icaro's News (new products shown by the manufacturers)
· 2003 - The Facts - a summary of the year
· Coupe Icare 2003, a big birthday party!
· Aerotow 2003: From Paragliding to Hangliding in 1 week!

Paragliders & Gear Reviews:

·Paramania Action GT (PPG) - August 07
Mac Para Envy (DHV 2) - April 07

Sky Paragliders ATIS 2 (EN-B) - feb.07

Windtech Tempest (DHV2)
UP Summit 2 (DHV 2)
Nemeton, Wings of Change - DHV 2-3 /
Vulcan & Cayenne face to face - DHV 2
· Brontes, Sky Paragliders - DHV 2
Vibe, Ozone - DHV 1-2
· Sport, Airwave - DHV1-2
· Harness - Woody Valley X-Over

Personal Stories:

"A wild Paramotor trip through Thailand" - Feb. 2007 (by Pascal Campbell-Jones)

· Andes crossing in paraglider - Dec. 2003 (by Will Gadd)
300 km World Distance Record in tandem paraglider (2003)
· The world distance paragliding record (by Will Gadd / 2002)

Paragliding Technique
· ACRO-REPORT: Paragliders for SAT
· Introduction to Thermal Flying (by Daniel Crespo)
· BIG EARS Are Dangerous?


Mike Campbell-Jones, father of the reflex wings (Jan. 07)
· European PG Champions 2006 - Luca Donini and Petra Krausova
From the Europeans to the Worlds - The Designers views (August 2006)

Mathieu Rouanet, Paramotor World Champion 2005 (Feb. 2006)
Chrigel Maurer, European & PWC Champion 2005 (Oct. 2005)
Oliver Rössel, PWC Champion 2004 (Nov. 2004)
· Mad Mike Kung - adrenaline junkie & founder of paragliding ACRO

Flying World (all the news!):
Flying World / *Last updates*

Archive #29, March 27 2008: 2nd European Paramotor Safety Seminar, Chrigel Maurer beats record of Infinity Tumbling: 155!, Flypa 08, the big show of spring!, PARA-TEST working on EN testing system for paramotor gliders, New Fly Products paramotor Max 130 & Max 100, New Clemente 4-stroke paramotor, New Airfer Trike 'Mustang', PMA and LTF: Paraglider manufacturers aim at standardizing certification, Basse Ham Paramotor World Convention 2008, N e w- P a r a g l i d e r s, Pre-Worlds of Mexico: The Valic’s sweep off!, Las Candelas grows big on its 12th anniversary, 6 Tasks on Monarca Paragliding Cup, Play Gravity DVD, Olivair: Rent a paramotor and fly in sunny Spain!, First contact with new KobraPPG paramotor, PAP: NEW ALUMINUM ARMS. Video: Paramotoring over the great wall, Las Candelas 2008: PPG, fire & Carnival!, New South Africa Ladies Record, Free Calendar 2008 at Theflyingeye Shop!
Archive #28, Dec 27 2007: A wish from The Flying Eye 2008; New harness Gin Genie 4; New Helmets; New Paragliders Sky Atis 2 Freestyle, Ozone Addict 2, Ozone Bullet 008 & La Bombe, Mac Para Velvet, Gradient AVAX XC2; New Reserves by Advance / U-Turn / Swing; Aljaz Valic wins 2nd Challenge of La Palma; Changes to Section 10 of FAI Sporting Code (Microlights); Paraglider World Record of Distance 461,5 x 3!; Ozone Caribbean XC 2008; Chrigel Maurer & Anja Kroll win PWC 2007; New South American record 397km; New Paraglider U-Turn Emotion.
Archive #27, Oct 9 2007
New rogallo type parachute; European Paramotor Safety Seminar, New PPG glider Paramania Go Fly; Algodonales celebrates; Safety Note: Ozone Magnum; New Paramotor wing Powerplay; Flytec 6030 GPS/Vario; paratrike Adventure FunFlyer Quattro; Black Kid's Homemade Paraglider Leads to Fame; Paramania: New springs for trimmer buckles; PAP Team suggests modifications in ROS 125; entertainment products for cold season; PWC Tour 2007: The Valic's win in Turkey, New Sol Synergy 3; Ozone Caribbean XC back in 2008; Ojovolador's online store: Theflyingeye shop!; Andy Aebi wins Swiss Open Championship Anzère; PWC Cornizzolo; The X-Alps, on the run; Avasport Samurai New edition; Thomas Merigout wins French Nats 2007;"Coast to coast" best film in Air Cinema Festival of El Yelmo 07; 'X-Sweden 1500' beats Trike record, but is short of 1500.
Archive #26, July 6 2007
Lars Jonsson wins British Open in Piedrahita, Michel Carnet is British Paramotor Champion, Video: Dani Martinez gets ready for flying 1500 km, Adventure REFLEXION – new reflex wing for PPG, Jose Maria Sola & Daniel Crespo, Spanish PPG Champions, Ronny Helgesen wins the Nordic Open, Cross Country XCertina Bag, World Cup in Spain: Maurer again!, Ronan Chollou wins French PPG Championship, Spanish Paragliding Nationals: Ivan Colas is Spain's champion - Stefano Sottroi wins Open, El Yelmo Festival turns to the Pilots on 8th edition, The PG Worlds in DVD – Trailer, 10 years of Vertigo: The Acro contest changes name, Kari Eisenhut wins Cusco Open, The Valic brothers warm up the Challenge Island of La Palma.
Archive #25, May 11 2007
1st issue of Paramotor Magazine released, Ramón Morillas alter flying 1105km by paramotor: “We made it! It was really exciting!”, World Cup Japan: Primoz leading!, ConceptONE, universal Paramotor frame by Paramotorkits, Dani Martínez moves to Fly Products paramotors, Ramon Morillas will fly 1350 km over the seafor a new world record!, Events: Spring in the Canary Islands (Spain), Canary Pilots set the best distance flights of 2nd Challenge island of La Palma, New Gliders, Sol Prymus 2 certified & Easy Check strip, Windtech Cargo: New tandem glider in 3 sizes, A new “no-stress” comp: Sky XCamp 2007, Ewa in a Cu-ni, the Miracle survival story, 24 Teams in Red Bull X-Alps 2007, Four PPG World Records in 2 days in Spain!.
Archive #24, January 2007
: Paramotoring over the Everest; XC Open World Series; PG Society news; Ramon Morilla's 4 world records; PPG World record of speed; Manilla 2007; 700km in 10 days in Brazil; 3 world distance records in SA; 2nd Challenge Island of La Palma; world record of speed in PPG trike; PWC Champions 2006; World Record Safari in SA.
Archive #23, December 2006
Bräuniger and Flytec merge; Caribbean XC Challenge 2007; Red Bull X-Alps 2007; Paramania Trimmer Upgrade; Motor Risers Pro-Design; Beyond 300 in tandem PG; From 0 to 6102m in Paramotor; Internet overtakes newspapers; Events to escape from the cold; Reading material for cold days; PWC Slovenia.
Archive #22, September 2006: 4785m World Record of Gain of Height; Risk of Parachutal stall in wet gliders; PWC Fiesch; Leon, ready for the PPG Europeans; Paramania new website; Camping Ager; CEN Standard, Cornizzolo Cup 2006; Charles Cazaux beats 2 speed records; World records in Slovenia.
Archive # 21, July 2006: Petra & Luca European Champions; Avasport supports Euro-competitors; Homegrown Festival UK; The youngest pilot; Ramon Morillas PPG World Record; PWC Austria; Fly K2 expedition; Brauniger IQ One; PWC Brazil; PPG Open Leon; Safety advisory UP harnesses.
Archive # 20, April 2006:
New Book; PWC starts in Brazil; Angelo D'Arrigo dies; New UP parachute; New PPG Adventure; Quest XC PPG instrument; Ojovolador PPG Comparison; Apco rewards world record; Ozone Caribbean Challenge; Events 2006; PPG meet 'Las Candelas'; Balloon drop; Johan Bossuyt.
Archive # 19, January 2006
: Salamandra XC in Algodonales; Safety note Gradient Bi-Golden; New Harnesses Woody Valley; Incident at Lebanese border; Petra Krausova sets World Record; 3 peaks in 36 hours; Spanish League in Tenerife; Maillon UP-Peguet; Flying in India; Iquique opens season; Chrigel Maurer wins La Palma.
Archive # 18, October 2005: Airworthiness advisory harnesses; FAI awards; Ojovolador awarded El Yelmo prize; Condor gliders; New Charly helmet; Gin accesories; De Aar Ladies Challenge.
Archive # 17, September 2005: Final Challenge island of La Palma; Paramotor Worlds; Ozone Caribbean XC Challenge; Hofer wins X-Alps; Chrigel+Ewa win PWC; X-Alps day 8; Acro Vertigo; Photo contest Palsecam.fr; Free registrations for La Palma; X-Alps 2005.
Archive #16, July 2005: New Advance logo; Caron wins Pre-Europeans; Tracking system Compegps; Acro season launched; Challenge of island of La Palma; X-Alps teams; Pre-Europeans; Festival Iparair; Paramotor altitude record; Maurer wins PWC Bulgaria; Airbone expedition.
Flying World Archive #15, until April 2005: El Yelmo Festival; Safety: Carabiners, X-Alps back; Festival in Tenerife; Cox & Crandal win the Worlds.
Flying World Archive #14, until February 2005: New PG Forum; 20,000 € in La Palma; Airborne Expedition; Algodonales rediscovered; APCO Harness & helmets; Open Laragne; The Skynch.
Flying World Archive #13, until december 2004: Tomas Brauner wins XCEARA 2004; New factory SUN Gliders; Oliver & Petra, PWC Champions; Acro in the South; Winter escapes; Online PG Book; Advance Overall; New harnesses Sky & Skyline
Flying World Archive #12, until October 24th, 2004:
Patrice Quillet, European record 280km; Windy Europeans in Greece; Antoine Montant, the new Acro star; Bruce Goldsmith, British pilot; Will Gadd crosses Grand Canyon; DVD 'Flying Babouches'; XCEARA 2004; New Calendar
Flying World Archive 11 until
August 18th, 2004: Mediterranean crossing by paramotor; New Spanish + Greek records; News at El Yelmo Festival; Summer courses; New Book; Rewards for good pilots; Records in Europe
Flying World Archive 10 until June 9th, 2004: Renovation at Sky Paragliders; Skywalk Flying Suit; DVD "Never Ending Thermal"; DVD "Parahawking"; Brauniger Competino; Safety Note Swing Mistral 2
Flying World Archive 09 until April 8th, 2004: PWC 2004 Italy and Austria; Frank Brown wins in Brazil; XC with Top pilots; Paragliding videos; Advance Test Centre; Winch Harness; Pro-Design Move light harness; Factories updates.
Flying World Archive 08
until February 20th, 2004: Manufacturers Contest in Gourdon; Flycastelluccio new website; Airwave in Spanish; Stubai Cup 2004; Pre-PWC in Dominican Rep; Black Skins; Risers with pre-flight checklist.
Flying World Archive 07 until January 24th, 2004: New Harnesses; DVD Ozone Future Style; stool/glider bag; Partoys 2004; Woody Valley unauthorized copies.
Flying World Archive 06
until December 1st, 2003: Achim Joos wins PWC, New Tandem Record, Firebird brake handles, Gin parachute, Trekking backpack, Arabian Record in PPG.
Flying World Archive 05
until October 20th, 2003: Safety notes: Aerodyne Risers, Advance BiBeta2, Firebird Matrix M; Hunting records in Brazil; CompeGPS for Pocket PC; Online video of Vertigo; Gin DVD "Go Further".
Flying World Archive 04
until September 1st, 2003: Safety Note Skyline Harness; FAI PG Ranking; Happy Birthday St. Hilaire; Season still open; 3 new Spanish records; Top landing on the Mont Blanc.
Flying World Archive 03 until July 28th, 2003: 3 pilots completed the X-Alps; Scorpio Zicral carabiner; Getting ready for Spanish Nationals; New Helmet Icaro2000; Foot-launched Jet aircraft; One chute saves 2!
Flying World Archive 02 until June 20, 2003
Flying World Archive 01 until April 7th, 2003

*New paragliders *Section discontinued*:
New Paragliders - last archive/ **no longer updated*
New Paragliders / until January 2006: Wings of Change Druid, Skywalk Poison, gradient Delite,Sky Cima, Aerodyne Cherokee, Pro-Design Thema, Wings of Change Isis; Aerodyne Shaolin, Swing Arcus 4, Paramania Revolution, Gin Zulu, Firebird Twix, U-Turn U2, Airwave Flite, Dudek Air Light.
New Paragliders / until May 2005: Sky Fides 2, Nova Mamboo, Apco Lambada, Ozone Mantra, Ozone Buzz, Ozone Rush, Pro-Design Thesis.
New Paragliders / until February 2005: UP Trango 2, Mac Para Spice, U-Turn Bodyguard, ITV Pawnee, Firebird Eagle
New Paragliders/until January 2005: Windtech Tempest, Trekking Boxster; Skywalk Joint, Airwave Mustang, Sky Eris, Gradient Nevada, Sol Synergie 2, Ozone Geo
New Paragliders/ until December 2004: Swing Astral 4, Apco Salsa, Advance Sigma 6, Nova Tattoo, Freex Arcane, Firebird Spider, Apco Thrust; UP Kuna; Nova Primax
New Paragliders / until October 2004: Sol Ellus; Edel Mercury; Sol Kangaroo 2; Ozone SixtyNine; Wings of Change Nemesis; Swing Everest; Swing Mistral Twin.
New Paragliders / June 2004: Gradient BiGolden; Advance Omega 6; Independence Excalibur; XIX Form 3; SKY Metis; Windtech Tempus & Tactic; Gin Zoom; ; Sol Ellus; UP Sherpa 2
New Paragliders / March - April 2004: Apco Play 42; Paratech P80; Pro-Design Jazz 2004; Advance BiBeta 3 38; Ozone Mojo, Skywalk Tequila, Swing Mistral 3, UP Makalu2
New Paragliders / January - February 2004: Firebird Sub-One, Icaro2000 ICE, Airwave Sport 2, Pegas Avis 3
New Paragliders / October - November 2003:ITV Tepee, GIN Yeti, GIN Bolero Plus-XS & Paramotor, Swing Axis 3, Skywalk Mescal, Nova Syntax, Advance Bi-beta 3, Bio-Air-Tecnologies Bionic 2
New Paragliders / June- September 2003: Pro-Design Effect II; Nova Aeron & Radon; Wings of Change Nemeton; Apco Tetra; Airwave Magic III; Airwave Combi; Gradient Golden; XIX Smile; Pro-Design Titan II; Pro-Design Red Joe
New Paragliders / April - May 2003: Mac Para Magus 3; Gin Bolero Plus; Windtech Pulsar & Kinetic: Edel Ace; Sol Eclipse; XIX Sens C3; Windtech Quarx 2.
New Paragliders / Feb-March 2003: Nova Phor 2; Mac Para Intox; Skywalk Cayenne; U-Turn Infinity; Firebird Grid; Ozone Mc Daddy & Mc Daddy Jr.;Aerodyne Jumbe & Yogi; Gin Boomerang III; Pro-Design Jazz; Apco Keara; Ozone Vulcan; Swing Arcus 3 & Cirrus 3.
New Paragliders / January 2003 ProDesign Jazz, Apco Keara, UP Summit2, SKY Atis, Gradient Aspen, Airwave Wave & Magic3, Aerodyne Shaman & Dune, Nova Artax, MacPara Pasha2, Skywalk Cayenne, Ozone Vulcan, Independence Dragon2, Wings of Change Twister


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