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Cabecera Eden 5

The Eden 5 has a gentle inflation
; you can easily produce the right energy to make it rise with more or less speed, which it does as a block throughout the span. The glider is somewhat lively but has little tendency to overshoot, just a little tension on the brake is enough to keep it on its place, and a couple of steps will take you to the air.

In flight, we notice that the Eden 5 has a lot of inner pressure. The canopy is slightly arched to the tips, the trailing edge is very well-drawn, the brake is well resolved and it is quite effective thanks to a pleating system. The result is a wing with a beautiful shape.

Mac Para Eden 5

Mac Para Eden 5

Dream turns
In the air the Eden 5 feels fresh and agile. If you keep some pressure on the brakes the wing stays smooth through the thermal wiggles and other turbulence, but if you like things more exciting and you let if fly faster, then you will soon notice that it is an agile glider with a pretty dynamic turn: one of the nicest, more coordinated and fun turning behaviors of the EN B gliders we have tested this season. The Eden 5 starts the turn easily, and inversions are very natural, therefore I found it particularly attractive when it comes to thermal flying: centering the core is straightforward, the Eden 5 sets the rotation effortlessly and has excellent sink rate so –yes, mates- it is a machine for carving it up to cloudbase.
The first part of the brake, which we will use most of the time, is soft and comfortable. If we combine it with body weight-shifting we can turn in thermal for hours with little physical strain.

Mac Para Eden 5

Paramotoring? Of course!
The Eden series has always been conceived to be flown under power as well, a type of flight that benefits from the Eden 5’s good sink rate for an easy take off with no need of much thrust; a fun wing for strolls and also to play in the air. We test flews the Eden 5 with normal risers and still liked its handling but, undoubtedly, specific paramotor risers will greatly improve some of its features.

Mac Para Eden 5

Materials and construction
The Eden 5 has an aspect ratio of 5.6 points and 52 cells, and incorporates the now essential plastic rods on the leading edge, as well as partial ribs on the trailing edge, and hybrid lines sheathed and unsheathed. For the sail, Mac Para used Skytex 40 cloth from Porcher Marine (NCV), which is lightweight and helps keep the weight of the glider in only 5.2 kg for size 26. The Eden 5 is a 3-lines-concept glider, i.e., 3 risers - which are narrow like those of high performance wings. The manufacturer offers the option of special paramotor risers fitted with trimmers.

*In this video you will see a 4-minute summary of how an Eden 5 is manufactured:
Mac Para Technical data
Eden 5
Eden 5
Eden 5
Eden 5
Eden 5
Eden 5
Zoom flat [%] 87 92 95.7 100 104 108
Area flat [m2] 21.78 23.8 25.75 28.12 30.41 33.41
Area projected [m2] 19.45 21.25 23 25.11 27.16 29.83
Span flat [m] 11.04 11.55 12.01 12.55 13.05 13.68
Aspect ratio flat 5.6 5.6 5.6 5.6 5.6 5.6
Root cord [m] 2.42 2.53 2.63 2.75 2.86 3
Cells 52 52 52 52 52 52
Weight [kg] 4.7 4.95 5.2 5.6 6 6.4
Weight range [kg] * 58-75 67-85 75-95 85-110 105-130 115-145
Min. speed [km/h] 23-25 23-25 23-25 23-25 23-25 23-25
Trim speed [km/h] 36-38 36-38 36-38 36-38 36-38 36-38
Top speed
48-50 48-50 48-50 48-50 48-50 48-50
Glide ratio 9.7 9.7 9.7 9.7 9.7 9.7
Min. Sink rate [m/s] 1.05 1.05 1.05 1.05 1.05 1.05
Certification LTF/EN-B
in process


The fifth edition of the most commercial wing of the Czech manufacturer boasts very refined design and construction, and introduces the latest technical advances for a noticeable improved performance compared to its predecessor. Additionally, it confirms its well-natured and versatile flying character. After flying it we can highlight its turning behaviour and maneuverability: the Eden 5 slides smoothly and it is really fun for thermal flight, and even for the occasional ‘freestyle’.

Mac Para Eden 5

Well-natured and friendly
The Eden 5 is certified EN B and it is very solid in turbulence. If we fly it with some tension on the brakes it is very stable in all axes and also keeps good internal pressure, so it is very rare to see a collapse.

We produced some asymmetric collapses and the glider reopened immediately barely turning off the track.

The only "potential risk" that we see is that, due to its handling and maneuverability, an excited rookie might pull the brake more than necessary and get a surprise... Therefore, it is a glider for pilots with some experience.

Mac Para Eden 5


It is difficult to express in figures the potential of a paraglider; our feelings were really positive. The first test flight was during a task of a regional Paragliding League where we successfully completed a race to goal, coming ahead of a few 2-line EN D wings! (See flight)
Ok, we might have had a bit of luck, but it is also easy to deduce that the Eden 5 is "not short" of what it takes. Its glide of 9.7 points announced by Mac Para is completely realistic, so with your Eden 5 you can do XC and even compete without feeling limited.

Minimum speed is about 25 km/h and requires way a lot of brake to take it so slow. Hands up, speed is around 38 Km/h. The speed bar is soft and very usable; if we step on it we reach 50 Km/h. The maximum speed would be the only point that could be improved, although, on a second thought, pilots whom this glider is aimed at do not usually fly at top speed all the time, so I don’t think it is really important.

Mac Para Eden 5
Enjoying the Eden 5 on paramotor

With possibly the most harmonized and sportive turn in the EN B class, the Eden 5 conveys good sensations and offers good performance in glide and sink rate to take the colors out of higher rated wings. And it also flies very well under paramotor power. What else can you ask for?

For whom
It is a very interesting choice to enter the EN B class, especially if you like to turn. The Eden 5 has very good response to the brakes; it is perfect for coring thermals and boarding distance flight safely. It is also a good choice for paramotoring, so if you are into both forms of flight you can put the Eden 5 on the top of your list.

The+: Turning behaviour, simply the best!
The-: Top speed a bit limited.

Colores Mac Para Eden

Test by Daniel Crespo,
Daniel is a long time pilot and competitor in Paragliding & Paramotor.

Published: October 14, 2013

*Test & article by

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