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Cabecera Powerplay Scorpio

Grace in the air
The Scorpio is a sophisticated and attractive glider developed by Torsten Siegel in collaboration with German paramotor champion Peter Schulz. It has a very elaborate design and construction, with many of the best details we currently see in the high-end Swing gliders, such as the now mandatory nylon rods on the leading edge, hybrid unsheathed lines, and a sophisticated network of diagonals and internal bracing.

Powerplay Scorpio

The risers come with soft brake-handles with swivels, auxiliary wingtip controls, magnetic clips, double pulleys for high or low hangpoint, and anti-torque directional control on both sides for engines that rotate either clock or anti-clock wise. Size 26 has rather thick bands and this somewhat hinders the use of the anti-torque control; on the other hand, the wing keeps the course well and requires few corrections. Small sizes come with narrower risers in line with the unsheathed lines.

Powerplay Scorpio

When I used the Scorpio for foot-launch it took off after a short run. Smooth and predictable, it sat well over my head and just required slight corrections to stay there. With the paratrike the run is longer as it needs to gain more speed, but once in flight I noticed the efficiency of Powerplay's reflex profiles.

Powerplay Scorpio

Sharp turn, neat motions
The trailing edge of the Scorpio is quite complex. The brake line is clean and incorporates ring-reef system, so when we brake the trailing edge will pleat. The factory setting of the brakes is a bit long, so we can carefully adjust it –checking that when the reflex is fully open the wing will not be braked.
The Scorpio has a delightful turn. Crisp and sharp, you can feel all the energy built up in your fists; it rounds and inverts the turn just at the thought of it and with milimetric precision. But it is important to play gently, drawing well defined lines; sudden inputs and errors will only lead to surges and loss of efficiency in turns. It does not get out of control, but for sure the finest pilots will be the ones that will squeeze the best of all the Scorpio’s qualities.

Powerplay Scorpio

With aspect ratio of 5,96 (4.39 projected) the Scorpio may seem a glider more suitable for cross country than for freestyle flight, but under the lamb’s skin we will find not a wolf but an elegant Fox able to move bold and fine...
Once we’ve grasped the Scorpios’s flying style we will be able to do very nice things and move through the air with speed and determination. Perhaps not at the level of dedicated slalom gliders, at least with size 26 –but who knows, maybe a smaller one would give us a surprise.

Powerplay Scorpio

Security, and for whom
After over 20 hours of flight with this glider in all conditions I can affirm that the reflex works effectively. When I flew it in turbulent thermals I enjoyed its solidity and stability, never had a collapse or a hard time. Actually, I felt comfortable and confident flying with the Scorpio after just a few hours, however, we must bear in mind that it is a high aspect ratio paraglider that can exceed 60 km/h; at that speed any collapse may get complicated, and therefore this is a glider aimed at confirmed, experienced pilots - who, on the other hand, are the ones who will enjoy it best. In any case I must also say that this glider is neither rough or particularly aggressive, and in smooth conditions any pilot with good hands and take-off technique can fly it.

Powerplay Scorpio

Powerplay Scorpio *Manufacturer's data
Area (m)
Projected Area (m)
Projected Span
Aspect ratio
Projected Aspect ratio
Number of cells
Weight of glider (Kg)
Trim speed (Km/h)
Trim speed range (km/h)
Max Speed (Km/h)
Total load in flight (Kg)

Certification LTF 23/05

The +: Style and efficiency in the air; heavenly turn.
The -: Anti-torque trimmer hard to handle; Max speed.

+ Info:

Test by Daniel Crespo
Daniel is a long time pilot and competitor both in Paragliding & Paramotor.

Through its paramotor division Powerplay, Swing is one of the top paraglider manufacturers in the PPG world with a series of successful wings, like the fireproof Sting, the Naja, or other popular tandem models, and a solid reputation in terms of security, construction and finishes. But also, it must be said, it has been one of the companies reluctant to introduce reflex profiles in its paragliders. A technology that has already proven its strengths and that it is now widely demanded by paramotor pilots.
Thus, the arrival of the Scorpio has been a surprise to many, a late entrance into the reflex arena - but what an entrance, mates!

Powerplay Scorpio

From the first flights with the Scorpio I noticed how gentle and well-natured it is. Starting with a light inflation: Thanks to the rods on the leading edge the wing is perfectly shaped on the floor and just a simple gesture on the risers is enough for it to inflate and raise as a whole, smoothly and progressively. When it is positioned over the head it is better to hold it a little, although it does not tend to fold on the front.

Powerplay Scorpio

I had the chance to try sizes 26 and 28. From the beginning, I preferred the 26 as it better suited my load in flight and my flying style. Flying foot-launched I found a good balance between comfort of use, performance and speed, but I got to feel more comfortable when flying well loaded with the paratrike (160kg) on size 26: I had more speed and a very direct feel of brakes, as I like it.

Powerplay ScorpioPowerplay Scorpio

Like a flying 'train'
One of the best aspects of this glider is navigation, as it moves through the air harmoniously. If you set the trimmers symmetrically, just compensating a bit with the anti-torque mini-trimmer or simply shifting your weight on the seat, the Scorpio will take you straight where you want to go. You can use the throttle in cruise-control mode and then relax, take pictures and enjoy the scenery.

In general, any turbulence that may appear is dampened.
Flying on paratrike (160kg) hands-free we get a speed of 46 km/h. At this speed, the performance of the Scorpio is great, but if we also release the trimmers we can take it to over 52 km/h with almost the same throttle, making it quite economical in fast navigations. The speed system has two stages, first it is soft and comfortable but then it gets very hard at the end. It lets you gain a few km/h, up to a maximum speed of 61-62 Km/h. Compared to some other reflex wings you can say that it is not particularly fast, but that velocity is maintainable and you don't have to crush the engine.

Powerplay Scorpio

The new Powerplay (Swing) reflex paramotor glider stands out for a smooth, precise handling along with remarkable performance. It is a wing for intermediate / advanced pilots but, honestly, it is smooth and not at all difficult to fly.
The Scorpio has all the cutting-edge details such as Nylon rods, a complex internal construction and hybrid lines, among others. All add up for its efficient glide that asks little gas to keep level flight, which makes the Scorpio perfect for navigating, strolling, and flying hands free while taking pictures and enjoying the landscape. Its natural way to dampen the turbulence makes it comfortable and conveys confidence from the first flights.

Powerplay Scorpio

The Scorpio comes with a special bag to fold it cell by cell. The set also includes a very strong quick-pack of ®Cordura, made to last, inner bag, compression strap, and a very special speedbar of Swing design.

Colors Powerplay Scorpio
Colores Powerplay Scorpio

Published: May 5th, 2013

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