We think of communication as an essential factor for the success of any business we may undertake, and we love to build the bridges where those who need to know meet the ones that have something to say. For that reason, we put our knowledge and experience in Communication to the service of the persons or companies that require them. Because having a good product or a great talent is of no use if people do not know it...

Some of our services are:

- Journalistic articles upon specialized themes of our sports, which we will publish in this website (linked from Version360º page), or free-lance articles for any media that orders them.

-Communication campaigns: For the success of any event it is necessary that everybody hear about it in advance. Our knowledge from the journalistic environment allows us to design communication strategies to get the best possible diffusion of an event or a particular venture. These may go from image design for publicity to press communication for specialized media (through press releases, for example), direct mailings and other actions, both in Spanish or English. The actions adapt to the client's needs and to his/her budget, offering the best possible choices.

-Press releases and promotion activities: For specific news (commercial or not) or small events, this is the best option to achieve a good cover from the media or a good response from the public. We are qualified to offer good professional redaction in Spanish or English, and the necessary contacts to put the information to the reach of a good number of people.

-Composition and Edition of Contents: For websites, brochures, informative handouts, catalogues, or institutional magazines. Clear texts, and with no errors

-Translations English - Spanish: For any kind of written material you would like to direct to Spanish-speaking recipients. -Spell and style check (Spanish): For all types of written documents or articles that have to be in the most correct Spanish.


For more info about these and other services, please contact us: [email protected]

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"The exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, signals, writing, or behaviour".